Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Be Prepared

What do you pin on your Pinterest Boards?   I'm all over the place.   I love cyber hoarding.  My house is much cleaner thanks electronic file cabinets.

One Board I've been working on lately is all about being prepared for disasters -- like hurricanes, floods, fires and the like.   It seems like we read about that more often that we used to, which leads me to believe that it's eventually going to happen to me -- a power outage, having to evacuate, etc.   Hence the reason I'm hoarding info.   But I'm also working on it too -- being prepared.   It's not that overwhelming when you do a little bit at a time.

In case this has been on your mind as well, visit my "Be Prepared" board. You'll find links to sites that share information about:
  • how to put together a 72 hour kit
  • preparing an emergency plan for your family
  • evacuation checklists
  • special consideration for pets, babies, elderly
  • cooking without power
  • sanitation
  • where to buy food storage and other essential emergency supplies
  • how to store water

If you have a Pinterest account, you can find my board here:  

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If you don't have an account, and you want one, leave a comment and let me know.  I'd be happy to send you an invitation.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

iPhone I Love You

Confession:   I am in love with my phone.

It does sooooo many cool things.

I can work on genealogy while I'm waiting in line at Walmart.

I can take pictures, and have them printed while I'm at the car wash.

I can learn German while I simultaneously watch television.

I can post on my blog, read scriptures, take notes, track my weight, and miles walked.

10 years ago, if anyone told me this would be a possibility  I would have responded with a sarcastic quip: You watch too much Star Trek.

Really, I bet within the next five years, we will be wearing a little device on our velour shirts like Captain Kirk that does way more than my 2012 iphone.  I can hardly wait to see what's next.

APs that I love . . . .

What about you.  Share some of your favorites!!!!


Friday, September 21, 2012

I Still Have My Lunch Box

It's amazing what happens when you make your mind think
You remember all sorts of things you thought you'd forgotten

I worked on my art journal today using a prompt I found at Lil Blue Boo --
Draw a floor plan of your earliest memory of one of your classrooms in school

This might be easy, if you are, say . . . 16
but what happens when you are 53?
You have to dig deep
and travel back quite a long way . . .
to 1965

But, as I began to draw
I saw the book shelf that housed copies of Dick and Jane
I looked out the window and spied the dish we set on the sill
to check the temperature
Was it freezing outside?
It was always a thrill to discover ice in the dish that told us "yes!"

I mentally sat down at my desk and watched Mrs. Hopkins sing her
"get ready for lunch song"
which basically told each of us where we could go to wash our hands --

Crystal go to the  back of the room
Scotty go to the boys lavatory
Lori go the back of the room
Martie go to the back of the room
Stacy go to the girls lavatory
David go to the boys lavatory . . .

For some reason that impromptu ditty made lunchtime 100 times more fun

I remembered my best friend Lori, who brought me a strand of red licorish every day
so that we could use them as straws to drink our snack-time carton of milk

Oh, first grade
I could almost smell the jars of glue
and crayons

I was surprised at the surge of joy this flurry of memory brought with it
As I left my art project
and went upstairs to finish putting away a load of laundry
I spied my lunch box resting on a shelf in my closet
I had to bring it out to say "hello"

I  opened the lid and sniffed
It still smells like lunch
After all these years

I'm so glad I kept it


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pen and Ink

I love Instagram . . .
and blogging . . .
I've said it before, and I'll say it again
It's brought so many great people into my life

Lately my eye has been drawn to pictures of art journals
they seem to be popping up everywhere
I smile every time I look at one

I noticed one yesterday that inspired me to "do"
It had a link to a journal project courtesy of Lil Blue Boo
Curiosity got the best of me, so I went and took a look
My heart skipped a beat

I went upstairs and dug around in the back of my closet
and found a box full of old journals
I found one I started 25 years ago -- the one I treasure most
I contains a running list of things that make me happy
I add to it every now and then
but I haven't taken a peek at it for a long, long time
I pulled it out of the box
and brought it to my studio
then I went to the store and bought new paints
cuz, you know, you need new paints when you start a new project

It begins today
I'm painting again
which prompts all kinds of memories
memories I want to write about
I'm so excited

I feel creative again

Art is happening here

Thank you Christina Weedon . . .
and Lil Blue Boo


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2,791 Flags

Eden was up before the sun  this morning, as with every morning.  But instead of going to seminary -- known in the Mormon world as bible study, he walked over to the high school and joined with a band of others to honor those who died on 9/11.

I wasn't there as they placed 2,791 flags into the soft grass as the sun was coming up over the hill.  But I imagine that they thought about the people whom the flags represented, and what the last moments of their lives were like on that day of planes, and smoke, and crumbling towers.

Do you remember where you were, and what you were feeling then?   When I listen or watch rebroadcasts on  television, it brings back every memory of those moments that changed life as we knew it -- standing in the kitchen making a breakfast of scrambled eggs when the phone rang and I heard my husband say turn on the television   the United States is being attacked.

Those words ushered in what felt like a strange dream.   I kept thinking:  when I am going to wake up and discover this is only in my imagination.    It didn't happen.   I remember how long it took to get up the courage to leave the house and drive across town.  I was driving the only car on the road.  Papers were blowing in the wind across the lanes made me feel like I was in one of those movies where you are the last living soul on Earth.

I drove to the school mid-afternoon to look at the flags -- to remember.  It touched my heart that youth created this -- children who were sitting in high chairs on the day 2,791 people lost their lives.

As I watched the sea of red, white and blue fluttering in a soft breeze, it reminded me that freedom comes with a price.   When we step off the watch tower, and become complacent, it is lost.

I need to remember -- especially when November rolls around.   I need to do my part and research the issues.   I need to read about the character of the candidates, and what they stand for.   Where do they come from?  Who are their friends?  How do they live their lives?  What qualifications to they have that make them eligible to get the job done?    Wouldn't any good employer ask those questions of a person they were going to hire?

If I leave this decision up to everyone else, or decide it doesn't really matter -- then I need to accept the consequences that come with that choice.  Wouldn't you agree?


Friday, June 8, 2012

On My Bucket List

I'm adding something new to my bucket list.
I so want to do this!
Any musicians out there up for it?
Kristen?  Michelle??  Garrett?  Tyler??
I sing pretty good backup.
And I play the ukulele.
Sort of.

Maybe we could even make the Ellen show.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Guidebook

Birthday salutations to The Blog Guidebook
A wonderful resource for all things bloggy
Creators Lyndsay and Sarah are my go-to girls
Not just for blog stuff
All kinds of computer stuff
I love them
They are a great resource
Especially when you have no idea what you are doing
Which is me
Most of the time

You should check them out
Right now even

A little bird told me they are giving away all kinds of cool stuff
Including some Crystal B jewelry

I'm off to win something
You should come with me
See that Bee and banner on my sidebar
Click on it and it will take you to
The Guidebook

If you don't know what a sidebar is
Then you REALLY need to get over there
Prize or no prize

100 Things

I confess . . .
I spent a few minutes lurking on Pinterest this morning.
I was supposed to be cleaning up the kitchen.

I came across this . . .

Perfect challenge before my summer officially begins.
Which is next week here in Temecula.
Can I tell you how much I envy all of you
who are sitting beside the pool
with a DC in hand.
Don't deny it, I've seen your photos.
You lucky dogs you.

I officially thrown down the glove,
and challenge you to get rid of 100 things.
You don't have to do it tomorrow.
Just sometime this summer
after you are done basking
and nursing a sun burn.

Now I'm really in trouble.
I not only lurked on Pinterest,
I blogged too.
Curse the ADD in me.

Signing off . . .
to go clean the kitchen.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Case of the Missing Carts

The thing I like about Walmart . . .
you just never know what's going to happen when you visit.
Seriously, it's entertaining, no matter what the hour.

On a typical day,
the greeter is normally situated between the front door and McDonalds.
She pushes a cart in my direction and delivers the standard line:

"Thank you for shopping at Walmart!"

But not today.
Today she was standing behind a card table,
far beyond the yellow arches.
I didn't understand, until I looked to my left.

Gathered by the vast cavern that holds 500+ shopping carts
was a herd of perplexed faces attached to polyester clad bodies.

A few whispers traveled around the area --
There's no carts!  What should we do?
People starting wandering in circles,
looking a little like displaced ants.

A few brave souls, including me,
ventured back out to the 100 degree parking lot
and nabbed the stragglers shoved up on the curbs.
But even those were sparse.
I was worried a battle might ensue as I walked back inside.
But no -- the ants were still wandering around looking lost.

I hailed a manager and said
Hey, there's a big group of worried customers in the entryway, 
and no carts.
She nodded and walked away.
Typical Walmart for you.

Where did they all go?
Not the managers --
probably playing Scrabble in the break room.
Not the greeters, now behind the card table,
I'm talking about the carts.
Where. Did. They. Go???

It's a mystery.
I think I need to get Claire on the case.
She's watched enough Monk, Bones and Psych episodes to figure it out in a flash.
In the meantime, maybe you know the answer to
The Case of the Missing Carts.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rock On

Have I mentioned that I will be going to girls camp this summer?
I am!

Super excited about it.
I love being with the young women.
They are so much fun.

Today we went on a fitness walk to get ready for the big 11 mile hike.

Claire rocked the grandma shoes and socks.
(She claimed she lost her walking shoes and took mine.)

I was stationed at one of the pit stops - the photo op stop.
Girls who volunteer for the bottom of the pyramid rock.

This year I'm in charge of camp music.
It's a challenge trying to each over 360 people songs without spending a ton of money.
And an even greater challenge is trying to teach several girls how to play those songs on the ukelelee,
so they can be the camp band.
You may recall that Claire, Haley and I have been taking lessons.
It's not going too well.

I've tried several things, one of them being a blog where the girls can go to view words to the songs.
Meetings at my house where the girls can practice.
It's hard when everyone is busy with school, sports, dating and other extra corricular activities.

A few days ago, Eden suggested Garage Band.
I've seen that little guitar floating at the  bottom of my computer screen, but I've never opened it,
until today.
In case you've never clicked on the guitar,
its a program that allows you to record music
and copy it to a file.
You can even put that copy in your iTunes folder!
Who knew!!

I was a little nervous about singing solo.
My kids tell me I sound like a warbling grandma.
Kind of a bummer, when you like to sing to the radio in the car.
So, I called my friend Kristen and asked to come jam with me.
She stopped by 30 minutes before it was time to pick up school kids,
and in 30 minutes, we cranked out our first two numbers.

I messed around a little,
and after a frustrated Eden yelled instructions while making a snack in the kitchen,
I managed to create music files.

It was so exciting!
Not the listening to yourself sing part --
the figuring out how to use a computer program and teach girls how to sing part,
and adding the file to Spotify so I could share it!

I love days when things go your way, don't you!!

I give you I Will, written by Hiliary Weeks . . .
sung by yours truly and Kristen C.
Remember, if you are brave enough to listen,
we are two average moms,
who recorded these in-between errands and picking up car pool.

P.S.  If the file didn't open, that means I still need to learn how file share.