Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best Buy.

Entry by Eden: (His Mother's Day talk.)

Last week, my mom’s computer broke, so I went with her to Best Buy to see if we could get it fixed. We were there a few minutes, but the Geek Squad couldn't help us, so we drove home. My mom tried a few more things at home and then she figured out what was wrong so she drove back to Best Buy to purchase a new power cord. I went with her. While my mom was looking at the batteries, I went over to the phones to try them out. For some reason, I got really involved in looking at the phones and computer games, and I lost track of the time. After a while, I began to think: “Boy, I think I've been here a really long time. What’s taking my mom so long?” I started walking around the store to see if I could find her, but I soon discovered that she wasn’t there! I was kind of worried and I didn’t know what to do, so I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father for help. As soon as I finished my prayer, I knew what to do. I went over to the store clerk and asked him to page my mom on the intercom. He said it was broken and that the phone lines were broken too. Then he gave me his cell phone and I called my mom at home. When she answered the phone, she said: “Eden, why are you calling me from the play room. I’ve been yelling for you for at least an hour to come downstairs and load the dishwasher." I said: “Mom, I’m not upstairs, I’m at Best Buy.” She said: “Are you playing a joke on me?” I said: “No mom, I’m really at Best Buy. Don’t you remember I went with you on your second trip to the store!” My mom had totally forgotten I was with her! Can you believe it! Well, of course, she drove right over to pick me up. When she walked through the door, I could tell she felt really really bad that she had forgotten me. I was kind of mad at her, even though it was a little funny. I said “Mom, you owe me big time!” We both started laughing and she hugged me and said “Eden, I feel so bad; I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.”When I make mistakes, my mother always forgives me. I know that she loves me no matter what. This time, I learned that my mother makes mistakes too, and that I love her no matter what. So guess what I did; I forgave her (even though I still thinks she owes be one).

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