Monday, January 21, 2008

January: Time to Start Again

It's January. Time to start again. I always look forward to that -- putting way the Christmas ornaments, cleaning out the cupboards, giving away old clothes; buying a new calendar; it's nice to start fresh. So far, January has been busy, busy busy.

We brought in the new year by taking an unplanned trip to Utah. We just decided one night that we should "get up and go." (I think it might have something to do with the fact that we got a new car). So, we threw some cloths in our suitcases and went on our merry way. It was fun being spontaneous. We had nothing scheduled and I was a little worried, but it ended up being such a fun trip. The kids and Matt spent an afternoon hanging out at BYU, while I hit all the quilt shops in American Fork with Leslie and Kasey. We had a family game night (always hilarious); a special dinner with Grant and his friend Nina; a bowl-a-thon with Lane and the rest of his crew; and a day of skiing at Snow Basin in Provo. (Eden said the lodge and bathrooms at Snow Basin were luxurious!) We also hit our all time favorite restaurant more that I can count -- Cafe Rio. Yum. It snowed a lot while we were there which was great fun. Every morning the neighborhood looked like a fairy land with fresh snow covering the ground. Elfie, our dog, loved romping through it. She looked more like a little rabbit bounding around the yard, than a dog. We made it home just in time for school to resume. Good times. Good times.

The following weekend, the kids had a photo shoot in Old Town, Temecula with our friend, Prema Buck. It was a beautiful sunny day and Prema ran the kids all over the place taking photos against old brick walls and rusty gates. I'm always excited to see the end result after I've watched her work. She makes magic happen with that camera of hers, it's truly a gift.

A few days later, the kids and I went on another adventure: a weekend at the Company Dance workshop in Burbank, California. Company Dance is an intensive two-day workshop taught by professional dancers and choreographers. (Most of these teachers work for television shows like "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Hannah Montana"). The kids dance 6 hours each day. We went along with our old dance team -- Temecula Dance Company. I spent the weekend catching up with all of our dance friends. Oh, how I miss laughing with all of them. I also worked on a bunch of sewing projects in my hotel room, and prepared my famous "bathroom cooking" meals for all the kids. (If you want to know about "bathroom cooking", you'll have to ask Eden and Claire.) It was a great weekend. We left with a few new blisters (me on my hands, the kids on their feet), but it was worth it. I'm glad we are no longer competing, but I sure miss all of our friends.

This past week, Claire went to a "dance festival kick off" with the Young Women and Young Men in our ward. Our stake is going to be involved in a regional dance festival this summer, so all the kids met up at some stadium an hour north of here to "kick off" the event. I never participated in a dance festival, but I hear tell that it's loads of fun. I think Claire will have a blast; however, I'm a little sad that we quit dance competition so we would have summers off and more time to spend with family, and now with this festival we are right back where we started. Curses. Maybe next year we will have a summer all to ourselves.

Eden has been busy with is scout troop making pinatas, first aid kits, and running obstacle courses. They boys in his troop are all trying to get their "Arrow of Light" by April so the push is on. Eden has such a great group of friends in the ward. They are all so nice to each other and lots of fun to be around. Eden has also been busy on the computer doing "car research" and looking up facts about various European countries (his latest obsession). Last time I checked, he was looking at property in Bulgaria. He tells me a house by a lake is only about $80,000. What are we waiting for -- let's go!!!!!

After 3 months of patiently waiting, Matt finally started his new job at John Deere. The first four days went something like this: Monday, fill out paper work, meet people, go to lunch with boss. Tuesday, bowling party. Wednesday, drug testing. (Did you know that now days they use your hair to drug test? Well we all know that's a bit of a problem for Matt, so they cut huge patches off his arm. I think he was a little sad they ruined all those nice swirls. I think they should use unsightly hair like bushy eye brows!) Thursday, another bowling party. (Are you beginning to see that this is the best job ever!!!) All kidding aside, Matt is really excited about the work he will be doing for the Water Technology division. I will see if he will give an update on the Blog.

As for me, now that the holiday season is over, things have slowed down a bit, thank heavens. This month I'm trying to sew drapes for the family room, get my craft room organized, and sew a blessing dress for a friend who just had a baby. And of course, I'm working on this blog. These projects should keep me busy for a while.

Well, that's it for now. I'm off to pick up kids from school. It's Friday, and we are all looking forward to the weekend. No plans, but I'm sure we will think of something.

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