Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Déjà Vou

School's out! No more car pools, Room Mom, or countless hours doing home work. Life is good!

Eden graduated from elementary school last week. He's officially a middle schooler. (I can't believe it. Didn't I just drop him off at the kindergarten room?) The last week of school was filled with all sorts of fun activities: a 5th grade swim party at the city pool, a 5th grade vs. the teachers softball game, a wacky Olympics tournament, and of course, the ever popular Year Book Day. Promotion exercises were a mix of emotions. So sad when the kids sang; so happy when the kids cheered and received awards. I think they were all excited about moving on. Fortunately, all kids who attend Tony Tobin attend the same middle school, so Eden didn't have to say "good-bye" to anyone but Mr. Parla, and the rest of the teachers. They will definitely be missed.

Our fist week of summer vacation Eden went to the beach, swimming, and had a few sleep-overs with friends. He also spent time working on the computer -- designing houses and communities, looking up facts about foreign countries, and watching movies about "Stewart", a character on "Mad TV." Weeknights, Eden and I took Elfie for a walk down to the local Sport's park and stopped for an Icee at the snack bar. (It was fun to have another walking companion.)

Claire is loving life. She's been hanging out with friends almost every day. I think she's taken up residence at her friend Haley's house for the summer. They have been swimming, to the beach, to the movies, and to parties. (It brings back fond memories of summer days hanging out with my best buddy Shauna.) A few days ago, Claire invited Haley and Madison over to work on a Young Women Personal Progress Project (That's a mouth full, try saying it 3 times). We decided to make pajama bottoms for all of the Young Women in our ward attending Girl's Camp. What a task. We worked all day and only made a dent in a huge pile of fabric. (I think I've said that before). I don't think they realized how hard it was to sew that many pairs of PJs. (I have this feeling that I'm going to be earning my own Personal Progress award finishing this project). Last week Claire paid a visit to the orthodontist thinking that she was finally ready to get braces put on her teeth. The doctor looked at her x-rays and declared: "You have to get five more teeth pulled before I can do anything. Come see me again in 6 months." So it was back to Doctor Marshall's office. (Didn't we just do this a few weeks ago). That makes 9 teeth total! We thought she looked like Granny Clampet after the first surgery, but now, she looks like Uncle Jed! (Good thing she doesn't wear overalls and whittle.) Hopefully, her permanent teeth will come in soon. Otherwise, she's going to weigh about 50 pounds. She can't chew anything.

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