Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sleepover Weekend.

Sleepover weekend! Eden spent the night camping out with his scout troop in the backyard of the Baugh family. (Sister Baugh is Eden's troop leader). The boys made a fire, cooked hot dogs and s'mores, tied knots and slept out in the tent. (Oh to be a fly on the wall of that tent. The conversations between those boys are hysterical). Sadly, no one took pictures. Before Eden left home, I noticed that he had on a short sleeve shirt and did not pack a jacket. A battle ensued which Eden won. The next day, I asked him how he slept. He reluctantly replied "I almost froze to death." I just smiled and said: Hummmmmmm.

While the scouts were playing with fire, Claire had three of her friends spend the night at our house. I just love Claire's friends. They are so cute and fun. Of course, they had big plans for the evening. It started out with pizza and progressed to dressing up and filming a spoof of the TV show "Project Runway." Around 11:30, they decided it was time for another "quack attack." This time, we did it right. We purchased rubber ducks and plastic Easter eggs from Walmart. The girls attacked the house of one of the deacons in our ward: David Sandstrom. I managed to make it through the entire quack job without having to go to the bathroom. It was a proud moment. Once the quack attack was completed, we drove back to our house. Matt and I went to sleep, while the girls stayed up until all hours watching "Hair Spray." The next morning, we all had to get up early and get the girls off to their various sporting activities. We made a quick French toast breakfast, and then everyone left.

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