Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Break.

March, 5, 2008

We had a wild two weeks. I'm exhausted from all the activity. Here's a recap of all our adventures.

Day 1. The first thing we did was head for the beach. Eden was sick that day, so I took Claire and her friends. We were so lucky; the weather was perfect. Upon arrival, we found that 20 families from our Stake had already set up what looked like a small village on the beach. There were about 70 people there. It was really fun to have a huge crowd of friends to play with. I spent the day lying in the sun with all the moms, while Claire and her friends wandered the beach and played in the freezing surf. Sadly, I had to leave early (the missionaries were coming for dinner), but Claire stayed behind with the rest of the ward and continued to party. We had so much fun that we planned to go back a few more times, but the weather had other plans. The very next day, the temperature dropped about 25 degrees and stayed there the rest of the break. So much for fun in the sun.

Day 2. A day at the car dealerships with Eden, and Zack. (A little background here: If you ask Eden what he would do if he could plan a perfect day, it would include visiting car dealerships to sit in cars and pick up some car brochures. Eden has been obsessed with cars for as long as I can remember. He loves reading the Auto Trader, Consumer Reports (car edition) and doing research on car manufacture websites. Ironically, there is a little boy in our ward who is Eden's kindred spirit. His mother told me that he does the exact same thing. So, we decided we would get the boys together for a day at the dealerships. We were a little worried because the boys barely know each other. But, they hit it off immediately. I guess when you share the same passion, there are no awkward silences.) We spent 3 hours wandering the lots. The boys sat in about 80 cars and talked and talked about car specifications. It was hilarious. Every time they got into a car, they went straight for the back seat. They never sat in the front. (I guess they know their place.) After our "3-hour tour" we went to lunch at Oscars. Eden's favorite restaurant. When we left, the boys were beaming. They spent the rest of the day playing at our house. I think Eden made a new friend.

Day 3. Matt took Eden and Claire skiing. You've got to love living in California. Where else can you go to the beach one day, and skiing the next! They had a ton of fun spending the day in the mountains skiing in Spring weather. While they swooshed down the slopes, I went to Los Angeles and spent the day wandering the Pacific Design Center's annual Open House. I love going there to look at fabric and furniture even if it's WAY out of my price range.

Day 4. We went to the movie: Horton Hears a Who. It was cute. Eden also participated in the Scout Space Derby. I don't think there were any winners or losers, which is a good thing considering all the craziness of Pinewood Derby.

Day 5. Claire and I spent the day sewing. Claire and her friend Haley are going to take a cake decorating class, so they wanted to make cool aprons to wear. We sewed all day long. The aprons turned out really cute. In fact, I think I'm going to make some more to sell on my Etsy web page. (For those of you who don't know, that's a website like Ebay that is specifically for handmade items). That night, Claire and I went over to the Stake Center to watch the Young Women broadcast from Salt Lake City. It was really neat. We especially liked President Eyrings talk about "walking in the light." Our YW Stake Presidency served us a delicious dinner: pulled pork sandwiches and cheese cake. We had fun eating and visiting with Haley's grandma from Australia.

Day 8. Hiking at the Santa Rosa Plateau with the missionaries. Santa Rosa Plateau is a nature reserve near our home. It's beautiful during Springtime with all the wild flowers blooming. We have sister missionaries serving in our ward right now; Sister Lieu from Malaysia, and Sister "V" from Tonga. (I can't spell Sister V's full name, it's long and hard to pronounce). We invited them to come with us and ended up taking about 8 Elders along as well. It was really fun to spend the morning with them. The sisters are so sweet. We just love them! I learned from this adventure though, that our Elder missionaries, need to treat them a little kinder. I was shocked at how rude they were.
Days 9 & 10. Eden and I spent the entire day Spring Cleaning. He is trying to earn money so he can buy some gadget he wants. (When he wants something, he is super motivated.) He scrubbed all the bathrooms, cleaned the baseboards, cleaned out the car, and weeded half the back yard. He's a great employee. I was very thankful for the help. Eden earned lots of money for his hard work.

Day 11. A sleepover with Trent and Haley. The kids played American Idol and made videos spoofing Sandra Lee, a cook on Food Network.

Day 12. Another movie: Nim's Island. Long. Boring. It made me motion sick. Don't waste your money.

Day 13. Is it almost over? I'm still nauseous from Nim's Island. We spent the day cleaning the house and running errands. Matt and I ran away for a few hours and went on a date. We discovered that our two favorite restaurants have closed. We stood at the entrances crying and pounding on the doors. (Farewell paella and lamb stew. You will be missed!)

Day 14. Sunday. I made it. Two whole weeks of kids, kids, kids. My house is a mess. (Even after all that cleaning). I'm looking forward to a peaceful week of laundry, grocery shopping, and toilet scrubbing. Maybe I'll even take a nap!

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