Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well, after months of teeth pulling, Claire FINALLY got braces. I think after all the anticipation, she was a little let down when she realized that getting braces HURTS!!!! Sure, you get to pick out the pretty colored bands, and feel part of the metal crowd at school, but THE PAIN!!!!! (Kids never anticipate that, even when you tell them your own braces horror stories. Oh well, that's life.) Good bye caramel apples, Starbursts, gummi bears and pop corn. See you next year!

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Grant said...

Hi Crystal,
I'm finally getting my email back in shape. Since I left the Centerville place, I no longer have my comcast server readily available to I've had two hundred or more emails backed up. I just looked at your blog. It well done and the pictures a great. Glad you pulled our chain and told us it was available. Hope all is well out there. We may be coming out for Nina's grandchild's baptism near the end of the month (FEB). We hope to visit you guys at the same time. Give my regards to all your family.