Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ice Blocking

Ever been ice blocking? I recall a hot summer day back in 1973, when a group of my friends and I walked down to Hygia, the ice company in Salt Lake City, and purchased a whole grocery cart full of ice blocks. We pushed them about a mile to Sugarhouse Park. Our plan, to ride "the Big Hill" adjacent to the duck pond. Back then the Big Hill was BIG and STEEP. (About 10 years ago, it was plowed down to a stump; to0 many ice blocking and sledding incidents. When you are 13, you have no sense of danger.) Our day of ice blocking ended up being my greatest memory of 8th grade. I can still remember the terror as I rode my ice block for the very first time. Spinning out of control at 20 miles per hour until I crashed into one of my friends at the bottom. We laughed our heads off and lugged our ice back up the Hill for more. I tell my kids stories of that eventful day, and of course, they want to recreate the fun. Well, in Temecula there is no Big Hill. However, we do have hundreds of slopes in all the neighborhood parks that are scattered throughout our communities. So, today, in blustery November, Eden and I hooked up with some friends at a "Little Slope" and had and afternoon of fun. Who knew a $2.00 block of ice was going to entertain a group of kids for 6 hours! Click below and watch the fun. Eden took this little video.



Maria said...

We've gone ice blocking over at the park by Temecula Elementary school. There's a chain link fence at the bottom of the hill that will stop you if you can't stop yourself. It is lots of fun!!

Team Fifield said...

We love to ice block! In fact... we really tried to have that at the ward christmas party... unfortunately the idea didn't fly. Maybe cause it's illegal or something! ;) hahaha