Saturday, November 22, 2008


Ok. I know I am one of MILLIONS of people writing about their Twilight movie experience this week, but who cares! Stay with me as I recount mine. It's a memory I want to keep, so here goes.

Claire and her friends (and may I say half the women in my ward) are HUGE Twilight fans. They have read all of the books 3 or 4 times, they visit the "Official Stephanie Meyer Website" on a weekly basis, attend book signings, and know the first and last name of every actor starring in the Twilight movie. I'm not kidding. The subject of the movie has cropped up in every conversation I've had with females over the past year. Me -- I read the books, but that's about it. I can live with out Twilight. (I have this horrible feeling I'm going to get beat up for saying that!!!) So, while my daughter, her friends, and mine, made plans for Premiere Night, I had mixed feelings. Instead of dreaming about "on-screen Edward", my mind flashed back to the 1970's. Slumber parties -- that dizzy sick feeling that comes after staying up all night; an Elton John concert -- sitting in line (in the rain) for TWO days just to get tickets. Did I really want to do all that again??? The answer was YES! Even if it meant a long recovery, I wouldn't miss out on a memory making experience with Claire for anything!!

At long last, November came and we went online and purchased tickets for the midnight show. We finalized "The Big Plan" which was this: All the women and girls in the ward were going to meet at Edward's theatre around 8:00 p.m., go to dinner, get line for a brief hour, and then watch the movie all together in the same theatre. Thursday came and early that morning, I heard rumors from one of my friends that people were already lining up at the theatre. Panic ensued. "Oh no" I thought, here it comes, I'm going to be sitting outside in the cold for 8 hours -- Elton John tickets all over again!! I wasn't about to sit on the front row of the theatre looking into nostrils all night long. So, like any good mom I broke with The Plan for the sake of good seats and a warm lobby. I packed my portable chairs, grabbed Claire and headed to Edwards. We arrived at around 4:30, and met a few up with a few of our devoted Twilight friends who were already camped out inside the lobby -- they defected as well. The rest of our big group .... they stuck to The Plan. After about 1 hour of sitting, we got our hands stamped by an overly excited Edwards employee (another crazed fan) and were then free to leave for dinner and whatnot. Our small group of dissenters had a great dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, got back into line for an hour, and then -- a massive jubilee as we were set free to pick our seats for the movie. The crowd went running in all directions to the 14 theatres up for grabs. We ran to theatre 14 and claimed our spots which were filling so quickly that we had to split up. Our friends on the outside -- the Plan followers -- they slowly, but surely, arrived in an orderly fashion and managed to get good seats too. (My momentary panic was in vain. Although sticking to the Plan involved waiting outside for 2 hours, it worked!) We sat in our theatre seats for another 3 hours pounding diet Cokes in an effort to stay awake. That was an adventure in itself.
The 3 hour wait proved interesting. As I meandered to the bathroom, I noticed that the midnight theatre crowd was a little menacing. Lots of black clothing, face piercings, tattoos, and pale faces. I couldn't tell if they were dressed up like that for the movie, or if they actually dressed like that in real life. The highlight of our wait came when a scary mom with anger issues started screaming at a bunch of even scarier teenage girls. The B@#! word was flying back and forth, and it looked as though a fight might break out. An 80 pound male theatre employee (who's voice was still changing) had to break it up!! (I bet "bouncer" responsibilities were not in the job description of a "ticket taker". I wonder -- did he get paid extra for the crowd control assignment??) Just as I was ready to give up and doze off, the lights went out and the movie began. Suddenly it was mass hysteria (envision the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show). Frantic screaming erupted and every time a new character appeared on the screen, girls went crazy -- all this vampire romance, and swooning teenage girls, what drama!! I have to say, it added to the movie. Although I'm not a crazed Twilight fan, I had such a great time. It was a fun experience to share with Claire, and the movie did not disappoint. For a few moments, I fell in love with Edward, and then ... Jacob, and then Edward. Oh Stephanie Meyer, what have you done to all of us!!!!! I left the movie just like everyone else; stomach sloshing from all the Diet Coke, TIRED, dizzy from all the moving camera action, and sad that I would have to wait two more years to see the continuing saga of Bella and her boys. I can hardly wait to see all my friends at church on Sunday to recap the adventure and to make plans to see the movie for a second time -- at 10:00 in the afternoon, when all our kids are in school!!!! This time, I think I'll stick to "The Plan."


Rachel said...

How great was your little recap of the night. You write so well and I enjoyed reading it from your perspective. Bummer that we didnt all end up together - you know the whole plan thing, but a great night was had by all - except maybe Hayley - she had to wait a few more hours!

Team Fifield said...

It was so fun, wasn't it? I'm glad I got a chance to hook up with you guys for a little bit and chit chat! Wish we could've all been together. :(