Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adieu 2009

It's the last day of the year, and what a year it was.

It was the year that we waived banners in support of our political views; became addicted to plain frozen yogurt from White Lime; watched the first ever African American win the Presidential election; and stayed home more as gas hit a record $4.00 in Southern California.

It was the year that Claire: lost 9 teeth and in return gained a tin smile; starred in a television commercial (even if it was only her backside); survived dancing in 120 degree heat wearing a Muumuu; saw her true love Edward on the big screen in the middle of the night; laughed and cried with friends at girls camp; made 50 pairs of pajamas, 62 cupcakes, 10 pairs of earrings; and finally cleaned her room.

It was the year that Eden: became an official computer geek; left elementary school behind; became the world's greatest expert on Iceland; smuggled green beans through the California border; joined the ranks of the Boy Scouts; saw his nightmare come to life at Tuachann theatre; learned how to make homemade pasta noodles; and coined the phrase "It all makes sense now....!"

It was the year that Matt: got a new job; traveled to Israel and had his luggage stolen; hosted Grand Terrisimo "man parties"; took on the challenge of the 17 year old Sunday school class and lived to tell the tale; showed up all the adults and kids water skiing at Bass Lake; and survived another year of down hill skiing without sustaining an injury.

It was the year that Crystal: started a blog and discovered that it's way more fun to write to an audience that it is to yourself; got back in touch with her creative side and opened an online store; went back to school and learned that an old dog can learn new tricks; became a Young Women leader (again); and was inspired by meaningful gospel conversation at Institute once a week.

It was the year that Elfie: became part of the Bass Lake pack; had her first encounter with snow; survived the mobile pet groomer; learned to bark non-stop when she went outdoors; and became the most beloved pet in Beutler history.

Farewell 2008, we will remember you fondly.

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