Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holiday Hangover

It's a brand new, unused year! The possibilities are endless. But instead of making plans, I've been looking around at all the Christmas paraphernalia, piles of laundry, messy cupboards, grey window panes and dirty carpet thinking ... "how am I ever going to get all this cleaned up." I get exhausted just thinking about it. I've resorted to sitting on the sofa ..... staring into space. I was talking about it to a friend of my the other day. "Chantel", I said, "Do you ever get that way?" Her answer was plain and simple: "You have holiday hangover." (Holiday Hangover. Finally, a name for my yearly funk.) That's it in a nutshell. Think about it .... we've been having non-stop parties and activities since October 31st. Who wouldn't be tired! So, this year, I've decided to give myself a break. I'm going to nurse my hangover by simply doing nothing for a few days and then, when my symptoms subside, I'll get out my cleaning supplies, including the trash bags, and officially welcome 2009.


Johnson said...

Crystal - your kids quotes cracked me up. I was laughing so hard.

Team Fifield said...

So glad i'm not the only one with the holiday hangover! hahaha I have rarely been seen out of my pj's in two weeks! Yikes. Oh well. Life goes on. I'll get back into the game soon enough!
Btw- cute new wallpaper and design!