Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm not done talking about Cupcakes!!!!

Yesterday I posted a recipe for Key Lime Cupcakes and I forgot to include this great find I just have to share with all of you cupcake connoisseurs out there.

Cupcake Social
The link is:

Cupcake Social has thee cutest cupcakes liners and toppers around. Trust me, I've been hunting for a while now.

Check out these little floral liners .......

And these polka dots!

That's all I'm going to show you or I'll ruin your fun when you browse the site. If you want to spruce up an ordinary cupcake, one of these little liners will do the trick. Guests will think they are going to partake of something special -- even if all you used is a store bought mix. Presentation as they say, is everything! (Well that's not really true, but it sure helps!) If you pay Cupcake Social a visit, tell them Crystal B sent you! Jen, the owner and I are Etsy buddies.
Two more things, and then I promise I will stop blogging about cupcakes (at least for a few more months).

1. Ever wonder how you get really fine zest when a recipe calls for the "zest of 1 lemon, or a lime, or an orange???? Well, I am a lover of ZEST and one of my all time favorite kitchen gadgets is a micro plane (The kind your husband would buy at a hardware store if he's into woodworking, or if you have access to a kitchen shop you can buy a fancy kitchen micro plane with a handle.) Gently rub it against the skin of any citrus and take off the colored part only!!! Zesting into the white pith will give your zest a very bitter taste. Zest is also really good in green salads, by the way. Give it a try and perk up that old salad recipe!! Next month I'll share a terrific organic gardening tip using ...... ZEST!!!! ( My friend Chanin passed it along to me -- she deserves the credit!)

2. I just have to add a little tip for scooping batter into the paper liners. Use a good old fashion ice cream scoop with a release mechanism as pictured here. It should hold about 1/4 cup of ice cream (or the batter in this case.) Using a scoop ensures that all your cupcakes look uniform and that you don't overfill the cup. If I use this scoop, I can consistently make 24 cupcakes with a little batter left over. If I try to eyeball it with a spoon -- well, that's another story.

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