Monday, October 26, 2009

Humbled by a Hair Dryer and a Teenage Girl

I'm new to living with a teenage daughter, and I have to say I had an experience this morning that made me realize a harsh truth --- I'm not sure I'm going to survive the next few years without a few battle scars.
Today, I got up at 5:00 a.m. to make sweet rolls for a bunch of early morning seminary students who come to our home every Monday morning for breakfast. I thought it was the least I could do considering that they willingly get up every weekday to study the scriptures before school. I baked, I frosted, I made hot chocolate. I was feeling pretty good about myself and the good deeds I had done -- all before 8:00 a.m --sweet rolls, carpooling kids to school whose parents work. Then..... my glorious morning took a turn in the wrong direction.

I came back home and commenced my grooming routine for the day: shower, makeup, hair..... (you know, you go through the same thing). Well, when I got to the hair part, something was amiss -- my blow dryer was gone. Gone!! I panicked. If I can't blow dry my hair, the rest of the day is pretty much a disaster. Have you ever seen me with hair-a-natural????? Some people can get away with it, but me..... I have old people hair... thin, graying, limp, with a little frizz thrown in for good measure. I NEED all the help I can get. I need a blow dryer! Well, my first thought was: "That dastardly teenage girl who has become my Grooming Nemesis has struck again -- CLAiRE!!! How could you!!" Does she not understand that her mother is in need of makeup and hair products much more than a beautiful 14 year old girl?????? NO! In Claire's world: What's Claire's, is Claire's; and what's mine..... is Claire's. When it comes to my morning routine, I don't think I like that arrangement! Today, I wear the badge of shame..... TRULY BAD HAIR!!!! It's bad enough that I occasionally wear my shirt backwards, but now I have to go to the grocery store looking like I just don't care about hygiene. Really, I do! I do care.!!!! (I guess I'm a little vain.)

I was reminded this morning that part of raising children is to teach us humility. The minute we start feeling proud, they remind us that we still have things to learn. And today, I felt humble as I went into Target to purchase a secret blow dryer which I will keep hidden in a place that I will not reveal. It's a matter of survival. And yes.... I went to Target because I have to avoid Walmart for a while. I'm still trying to recover from the backwards shirt affair! So.... if you see me around town today, I hope you understand, I tried.. and that should count for something.

Now that I have been humbled, I need some advise. What do you do to keep your daughters out of your closet, and your makeup???? I really need to know!

Post Script: Claire just informed me that MY "blowdryer" was one of HER gifts from "Santa" in 2007. Curses, she is right!!!! Foiled again by my Grooming Nemisis. Oh...she's good...... way tooo good! (I'm hoping that she puts these clever skills to use and becomes a lawyer some day!) But, my story does not end here..... my eyeshadow is now missing!!!!!! I just know it's in that bedroom of hers --- the one we commonly refer to as "the Black Hole of Calcutta." I'll get you My Pretty.... and your little dog too!

Another Note: We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In our church, we are big believers in education, including spiritual education. If you want to read more about it, click here.


Eve said...

Hee - I think you look pretty cute. I feel your pain, though, my hair is BAD when it dries on its own. My suggestion to keep Claire out of your things? Be a little more out of touch and stop buying cute stuff! Until then, I think you're screwed.

dandee said...

Your gorgeous blue eyes are all I see in that picture.

Good idea buying the "secret blow dryer" A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?

Daphenie said...

OK I was laughing sooo hard at your post--just because I can totally relate. I love the quote "What's Claire's is Claire's and what's mine is Claires". Maddi one day took my brush, straightener, and makeup--needless to say I didn't take a picture of myself. Let me know if you get any great advice. In the meantime--hide away. Oh--I thought that the picture was ADORABLE

SLP said...

I died laughing. I thought of when I was beyond exhausted with a newborn and I went to work several times without putting on a bra becuase I was trying to exercise, nurse and get out of the door by 7:15am to beat rush hour traffic.
Being a mom is hard.
That said, my problem with teenage girls steeling things was confined to my sisters (we are all 3 yrs apart) - my clothes, jewlry, hair products, shoes - you name it - they were ALWAYS gone when I wanted/needed them.
There is no remedy - only love :)

R Max said...

I decided to grow my hair so can put it in a pony tail and never need the hairdryer again. This is how I survive the makeup/dryer/straightener thievery going on in my house.

Oh, they're goooood... they're very good...

Rhonna Farrer said...

ok. you have me laughing hysterically...I can only relate oh-too- well!
I have 2 girls...16 mos. apart & they are just entering into teen-hood. I, too, am missing my eyeshadow & I hate to think of where that little tiny pot is in the black hole!

you are awesome.

for what it's worth, i think you got ALL the brownie points in the world for your 5am-seminary-students-breakfast feat! wow.
you are not only gorgeous on the outside, you are gorgeous on the inside!

can't wait for Spark!