Tuesday, November 24, 2009


What is it about holiday season?? November 1st hits and suddenly, I am staying up well past my regular bed time to get everything done. The stress elevates, and so does the volume in the house. I'm so tired!!! Everyone is on edge. Happens every year. That's why I am grateful for Thanksgiving. We get a break.

This year we are going home to celebrate with extended family. And by home, I mean Utah. That means a LONG drive, which most people dread. Me, I love it. I love shutting out the world and having 12 hours to spend with my family doing things we haven't done in a while -- laugh, make up songs, play games, and talk. We have so much fun.

I love the random conversations that go something like this:

Claire: You know what I just don't get..... cows in Utah. They just show up in the strangest places. I mean, you are just driving along and BAM -- cows next to a cemetery, BAM -- cows wedged between Walmart and some house with a bunch of broken tractors.... BAM -- cows next to a high school. What's up with that! Don't you think it's weird????

Eden: I wonder if I know anyone in the witness protection program?

Crystal: For the last time -- who's going to help me play the license plate game!!!!! I swear we've passed at least 12 cars with out of state plates, but I can't read them!!!!

Claire: Mom, when are you going to accept the fact that we are never going to play that game with you!! Someone confiscate that magnetic game board!

Matt: Forget the license plates and watch for Maverick stations so I can get a shake from one of those new machines......

3 hours later .....

Eden: You know what I think would be a great career for me --- helping people in the witness protection program. Don't you think it would be cool to pick identities for people.

Claire: Eden, I'm putting you in the witness protection program. Your new name is Sven Wong, and you are moving to Nevada to be a cafeteria worker. Dad, pull the car over and drop him off.

Crystal: ALASKA!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Do you know how hard that one is to get!!!!

Matt: Hey if you could have anyone from history for dinner, who would you choose?

Eden: No one. I don't believe in eating humans.

The best part of the road trip...... my kids remember that they really like each other. Here's proof.


Lyndsay said...

That was awesome. :)

SLP said...

Why is it we never make it to UT AT THE SAME TIME!?!?!
We are going to be there in 4 weeks and of course, miss seeing you again.
Great post.

R Max said...

And they knew you were recording them? Inconceivable!