Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Tags

Boy did I get a lot of emails and questions about about the "tags" and what we are doing to Keep Christmas. It's not over yet, but I have to say, that we have had a lot of fun doing meaningful things. So far, what stands out the most is delivering bags of food to the homeless in downtown San Diego. We went with the Morel family -- the owners of Temecula Dance Company, and members of their "dance family." They help the homeless on a regular basis. We assembled over 150 bags of food and walked the streets handing them out to the people we found there. We also pulled a wagon with hot water and gave out instant soup. It was humbling -- especially when we came upon a fragile old women in her 80's huddled next to her son in a parking lot. It was a warm night but I found myself thinking "What is going to happen to her when it starts to rain?" Sometimes reaching out to those in need is hard. It hurt my heart to walk away. But I know one thing for sure, I will be back, and I will not wait until next Christmas.

One thing about the Morel family. They keep Christmas in their hearts all year long. In fact, one year with the Morels were on vacation in Mexico, they happened upon a bunch of stray dogs scavenging for food on the beach. Lani Morel is a dog lover and she just couldn't bare the thought of those poor dogs starving to death. She went to a store and bought bags and bags of dog food, and took it back to the beach. Who does that -- feeds stray mutts while on vacation???? Lani Morel. Like I said she keeps Christmas in her heart all year long. I love her for it. She and the rest of her family have inspired me on many occasions to be a better person.

If you are interested in reading more about what I put on my Christmas tags, click here.

My sweet friend Lyndsay Johnson emailed me right after my post about Keeping Christmas with a great article full of ideas. It was another little Christmas miracle that she found this and sent it to me. It had everything I was looking for: quotes, scriptures and activities to make Christmas more meaningful. I modified the activities a bit to fit our needs, and so can you.

(Thanks Lyndsay J. and Kristy K. My desire to Keep Christmas never would have happened if not for you two.)

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