Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Today while I was with Eden visiting the San Diego temple, we had a break-in at home. I was unaware that anything had happened until I walked into my office and saw that one of my bags full of See's Candy had been tampered with. A box of chocolate truffles was missing. "Who in the world would steal one box of candy, and leave all these other bags full of presents?" I wondered to myself. The only two people I could accuse had not been at home: one was with me at the temple, and the other one was at work. Just then Matt walked into the room. He had a solemn look on his face and he said "There's been an incident and the culprit is right here!" I thought he was going to confess to the crime until I noticed what he held in his hands -- Elfie. While we were gone, she managed to open a box that probably weighed a little more than she does. She took each individual piece of candy and hid it somewhere in the house. Matt discovered the deed when he noticed that Elfie would leave the room every 10 minutes and return with a piece of chocolate. Sadly, she was denied eating every piece she was brave enough to expose. Matt spent the evening trying to think like a dog to uncover all the hidden treasure. I think his self taught Eukanuba skills came in handy for this task. I just hope he found all the candy and that I don't find a melted suprise covered with ants this summer.

I think I'm going to have to start hiding my spare keys. Who knows when Elfie might decide to steal them and take a joy ride!

Post script: Guess what I found in my blankets tonight as I climed into bed.......a lemon truffle. At least Elfie was kind enough to leave me my favorite flavor!

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