Monday, January 18, 2010

Blustery Day

This morning, I got up early to take Claire to the orthodontist. As I was getting dressed I looked out the window to diagnose the weather conditions -- part of my daily ritual to determine just what I should wear. The sky was grey, and the wind was blowing. It was a blustery day. I don't get to that utter that phrase often in my neck of the woods, which is a shame because it reminds me of the days when my kids were were in love with A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh (not to be confused with Disney's Winnie the Pooh.) Most days in the land of Southern California, it's blue skies with a little smog thrown in for good measure. Today, however, it was blustery, so I got to say "It's a blustery day" twice -- once to each of my kids, AND wear a long sleeve shirt under my short sleeve shirt. It was exciting to have a change.

When Claire and I got home from the orthodontist, it began to rain -- hard, and I was suddenly filled with dread because I had to make an afternoon trip to the post office. Then I remembered .... It's Martin Luther King Day, and the post office is closed, along with schools, which meant that I could have an entire day inside the house drinking hot chocolate and making soup! I was excited because it's not often that a blustery day coincides with a National Holiday. I went to my office with a cup of cocoa, and turned on Pandora -- my new favorite radio station, and settled in for a day of jewelry making while listening to moody ballads mingled with acoustical guitars.

It was a fine morning until I looked out the window a second time. My blustery day had turned into a torrential storm -- pounding rain and wind gales that blew the palm trees into the shape of inside-out umbrellas. As I sat there admiring Mother Nature's fury, I noticed that my 3 garbage cans had decided to set sail down the gutter. They looked like they were on their way to a party. Fleeing cans is not good in my neighborhood. Garbage can thievery is too tempting in weather like this, so I was forced out of my warm cocoon to perform an emergency rescue operation.
I grabbed the only umbrella in the house -- (a Pokemon kiddie umbrella left over from Eden's 2005 umbrella phase), put on my flip flops, and headed outside. The minute I left the sidewalk, I was engulfed in the storm. My hair was glued in place by pouring rain; and my flip flops sank into a muddy mass that was once my lawn, and covered my feet with goo. That didn't last long because the goo washed away when I stepped off the curb and became part of the swiftly moving gutter water that was up to my knees. Before I knew it, I looked like a wet dog stuck in a river. I found myself wondering why I had worked so hard to get ready this morning -- when I knew it was going to be a blustery day.
Next a tough battle over the cans ensued between me and the dastardly weather. I had to wrestle the wind one handed, as the other hand held on to an umbrella handle and a large diet Coke (which I had somehow forgotten to set down in my haste to rescue the cans.) I did it though. I single handedly saved the dumpsters, which have been returned to their place of honor in the side yard of the Beutler mansion. They looked a little sad sitting there empty in the pouring rain. I went inside victorious, sopping wet, still holding on to my soda. I didn't lose a drop.
My neighbors did not fare as well -- their cans succeeded in their escape and are now having a big block party at the end of the street. I just hope they don't throw up all over the asphalt. You know how sloppy cans can be when they are at a party!

P.S. In honor of Dr. King's birthday, take a minute and listen to his speech "I Have a Dream" with your family. You can find it here.

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Maria said...

I was at Wal Mart when the rain decided to pour and unfortuntely I forgot my umbrella and had a cart full of groceries. By the time I got in the car I was soaked and so were the groceries. Thank heavens I could go home and hang out the rest of the day.