Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Thoughts About January 21st - Not Necessarily In Order

I dislike dogs today.

There was not an umbrella in site when I dropped kids off in front of the school, even though it was raining hard. I find that weird.

Elfie threw up on me this morning while I was sleeping. Way worse than a sick baby.... way worse.

Remind Matt not to leave beef jerkey in his coat pockets.

I love days when it is so dark outside, the street lights are on during the day. Today is that kind of day.

The Dogs do not like going outside to do their business on rainy days.

I had to hunt for snow chains today in the pouring rain. I hated it because it involved going to the auto parts store that smells like motor oil. There were no snow chains.... which made it that much worse.

I do not like cleaning up "dog-do" when Elfie's sick and it's all over the house. It made me thankful for janitors... and Matt (my janitor).

Ask Claire and Eden why teenagers consider it nerdy to carry an umbrella at school, even when it is raining buckets.

It is not fun to visit Costoco in the middle of a downpour. But the samples were extra good today, especially the sundried tomato hummus.

There are violets blooming in my back yard. I love violets almost as much as I love lilacs.

I wonder if Ferris and Clarence are laughing as they ski down the mountains of Canada today. I hope they are having fun.

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