Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For the Love of Books

Today is my favorite day of the month. In fact, the 2nd Tuesday of every month is my favorite day of the month. Are you wondering why.....???? Well, it just happens to be the day I go to "Book Club." Yes, it's true, I'm in a book club. I love to read.

I can remember vividly when my love affair with books began. It was in my grandma's bed at nap time. I loved listening to her soothing voice read stories about Swedish cowboys, a lazy beaver, and McElligot's Pool. It wasn't too long before I could read those books myself. It progressed from there and I've been hooked ever since. I owe it all to Nana and Dr. Seuss. Oh... and of course Mrs. Hopkins, my 1st grade teacher who had white hair and wore a hankie tucked in her wrist watch.

There is something wonderful about getting lost in a good story -- imagining what it's like to be a Geisha, or a librarian in Nazi Germany .... I love it. My personal favorites are historical fiction -- stories about women. If I pick up a book, I can't let it go until I am finished, which can be torture sometimes when I'm up at 3:00 a.m. with bloodshot eyes. Oh, I pay for it the next day, let me tell you!!! While I have been engrossed in a good read, a mysterious bomb goes off and reeks havoc in my house -- it's a huge mess! It takes a good two days to pay penance, but it is worth it.
My favorite date with my husband is a night at Barnes & Noble, which is ironic, because Matt does not like to read -- he prefers magazines. Nevertheless, we love spending hours wandering around looking at books --or magazines if you are Matt. (It doesn't hurt that there's a Starbucks right in the middle of the store where we can get a hot chocolate.) There is one book however, that Matt loved and that is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. I gave it to him on our honeymoon which was a big mistake because he could not put that book down! But that's what a good story does .... it captivates you.

I had a teacher tell me that if my kids hated to read it was only because they had not connected with an author. She was right. Sometimes it takes a little searching to find stories that you like, but it can happen if you look hard enough. Here's proof: Eden. A professed "hater" of reading. That is until, he found the "Among the Hidden" series. He fell in love.

Let me tell you a little bit about my book club. We've been together a long, long time. Oh, we've broken up, and re-organized a few times, but somehow a core group of us have managed to continue on. When we first started, we were all young mother's with little babies. We met at night when husbands could stay home with kids. Now all of our kids are in school so we meet during the day.

At book club there is always amazing food, great conversation, and lots of laughter. Sometimes we even manage to have an interesting discussion about the book. Were it not for book club I never would have known that I not only love historical fiction, I love mysteries, and humor, and self help books too! My friends connected me with new authors. But the most important thing about book club is this: Friendship, and the time it gives us to be together. I love these women. They are dear friends. And truly, it doesn't matter if they read the book, or serve cereal when it's their turn to host, book club is always fun.

This month, Bobette was our hostess. It was amazing -- the food and the book. Thank you for the Valentine and an incredible brunch Bobette. You were good to us. Please, please, please can I have the recipe for the Goat Cheese Souffle'?

Post Script: If you are looking for a good read, click here. If you have read a good book lately and want to share, leave a comment!


Bobette said...

I love it too and the collage of pictures is really cute... what are you talking about that they're not!! Of course you can have the recipe for the goat cheese souffles. Why can't we get our darn recipes to Lanell so we can make a book club cook book?!? Thanks for the cute post! makes my house look really cute :)

Rachel said...

Good to know that I can have cereal when it is at my house next and you wont care! It was so great - I love our little club as well - definitely my favorite day of the month as well!

Abraham and Chelsea said...

Book Clubs RULE! Check out ours at http://noobligationbookclub.blogspot.com/

A.F.P. said...

I wish I lived nearby! Hopelessly in love with good books...so much so that I had to become a librarian! :) Two of my adult favorites -
March (Brooks)
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (See)

And The Help was amazing!


Kim said...

You need to join
that is where I keep track of all the books that I want to read and those that I have read! {It is better that the post its, receipts, slips of paper, that I have written book titles on....go check it out and if you join please add me.
P.S. I loved The Help :)

Jenni said...

I am an 8th grade reading teacher, so my nose is always buried in books! Young adult and otherwise! I stumbled across your family blog via your giveaway blog - couldn't resist leaving a book comment! I am always recommending books on my blog, but just in case you don't want to go back and read those old posts...
The Last Song by Nicolas Sparks, I cried almost the entire time, it hit pretty close to home, as I too have lost a loved one just recently to cancer.
The Lucky One by Nicolas Sparks
Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom, again, another tear jerker, not a book I might normally pick up, but I love the author.
Looking for Alaska by John Green (young adult), this book was recommended by a student, I had promised to read, as it was their favorite author, so glad I did.

Noticed that a few people wrote the Help, I have heard great things, I might have to check it out!

I wish I had time for a book club! I think that it is awesome you make it!