Friday, January 15, 2010

Makeup Junkie

Today my daughter handed me a wad of bills. "I've been saving up Mom, take me to Sephora" she said as she slapped them on the table. I was impressed. There was a whole lot of cash sitting there in front of me. "Are you sure this is what you want to spend your money on?" I inquired. "Yes" she replied as she pulled me to my feet.
So... we got in the car and we drove to the mall. We walked into Sephora and entered the big wonderful world of cosmetics. Perfumes mingling in the air, rows and rows of nail polish.... Claire's personal heaven. Every time I enter its doors I think to myself: "Mom would have loved this." My mom -- Georgia, was a makeup junkie. Fortunately, that gene did not pass on to me.... but it skipped a generation and is definitely in the DNA of my daughter.
When I was little, my mom had a big bag full of makeup. The thing I coveted were the tiny Avon lipstick samples. I wanted those little white tubes of pinky goodness in the worst way. But it never happened -- that was my mom's treasure bag and she did not share it with anyone, including her sister Pam -- also a makeup junkie. She protected it like a pirate protects his booty, and I guess to her it was. It contained "Her Face."
If you were to ask my kids: "What is the one thing you will always remember Jo Jo saying?" They will answer in unison: "I've got to go put on my face!" And then they will laugh, because they thought that was just about the funniest thing ever. My mom said it all the time. "Stay here kids and watch TV, I've got to go put on My Face." In about an hour she would return perfectly coiffed. She NEVER left the house without Her Face. Is that a term teenagers used in the 50's, or was that my mom's own invention? I'm not sure, but it's something my mom said until the day she died -- which was 4 years ago this month.
My mom loved to shop, and when she invited me to spend an afternoon at the mall, I knew it would involve a lengthy visit to the cosmetic's counter of every major department store. The clerks all knew her by name. I had no interest in that kind of stuff. I'd rather invest in a pair of shoes, which is my personal passion, so I would wander off to the shoe department while my mom hung out at the cosmetic's counter and played with jar after jar of the latest creams, and foundations. At some point she would appear in Ladies Shoes with a small sack in her hands, and I knew that she had found another lipstick that she just had to add to her ever growing treasure trove. I would roll my eyes and then we would go for a Coke, something else she could not live without. (I blame her for my addiction).
Now, it's Claire dragging me on these beauty missions. It brings back memories to see her wandering the isles sampling all the eye shadows and spraying all the perfumes. My mom would have loved spending the afternoon with Claire in Sephora. This is when I miss her most.
Several years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought long and hard for 2 1/2 years, but in the end, the cancer won. I worry that this is going to happen to me. I worry that it is going to happen to Claire. But today, I found a little comfort in Sephora. I think my mom's spirit paid me a visit while Claire and I were on our cosmetics spree.
As I wandered around killing time, I found something I really needed -- deodorant. It caught my eye because it smelled like grapefruit, which is a smell I just can't resist. When I looked at the label it said "Healthy -- all natural -- no chemicals, no aluminum." In my head I heard my mom's voice saying: "Buy this... one for you and one for Claire, because using deodorant with chemicals can cause breast cancer." So I did. I bought two sticks - one for me, and one for Claire. It was the price of a pair of shoes, but you know, I think it was worth it. The Makeup Junkie gave me good advise. I will sleep a little easier knowing that I'm not putting any harmful chemicals under my arms, which is where my mom found her lump.

I think you might like this too -- that is if you worry about this kind of thing. So, here's a picture just in case you think you might light a stick. It's safe, and it smells good.
May the force of the Makeup Junkie be with you too! And remember ..... get a mammogram every year. Don't forget, because the Make-Up Junkie did, and it cost her - her life.
Post Script: For those of you who are wondering what I thought about Lavanila.... it works just great in moderate weather. I made it through the entire day without smelling like B.O. I do think, however, that on a really hot day if you are outside, you might have to combine Lavanila with a Salt Crystal, which you can find here. Using both should probably do the job just fine, and both are chemical free.

Claire's photograph courtesy of the incredible Blue Lily.


Lanie Ree said...

I've searched and searched normal stores (target, etc) but all of the normal deodorants have aluminum (which has been linked to breast cancer). Since that definitely runs in my family, it's a huge concern. but... not smelling like BO is also a huge concern.

Thanks for posting this. Let us know if it works well, and I'll go get some too!

Princess Pookie said...

Fun blog, beautiful etsy store! Have no idea how I ran into your blog's a cutie! Yipee for Sephora!:D

Dina said...

First time here, Crystal. So fun!

I was at my parents' house yesterday morning and offered to take them out to breakfast. My mom said "That'd be great!...after I put my face on." She has always said that!

Janelle said...

My grandma would always go "put on her face" as well. And that gene skipped my mom and landed on me, though I am less of a junkie than she was!