Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Nose that Knows

Tonight when I got home from a church youth activity, I walked in my front door and was hit with the smell of hard boiled eggs. So..... disgusting! It might have something to do with the fact that I did make a few hard boiled eggs today (for the dog who's recovering from who knows what). That smell is enough to make you not like your house. It's enough to make me want to stay in a hotel over night (although I can pretty much be talked into that any old time!) I'm just oh so thankful that my friend Rachel, who has an aversion to anything egg, was not with me when I walked through the door. She would have dumped me right then and there.

It's time to pull out my secret weapon..... the Volcano candle from Anthropologie. Pure heaven. The minute the wick is set to flame I am in a good mood. Have you ever smelled this candle? If not, you have to try it out the next time you pay a visit to Anthro -- you will LOVE it. LOVE it I tell you! It even comes in a beautiful jar that you can reuse. And I have to add that it does not smell all flowery -- it smells fruity like Jamba Juice. I'm not into flowery smells -- they remind me of my grandma's bathroom spray from 1979.

You can check it out here -- but I'm sorry to say .... you can't smell it. I'd post a beautiful picture of the candle, but Anthropologie is a little stingy -- they won't let you copy pictures from their web site which bothers me a bit because I am a good customer. I think good customers should be allowed to copy pictures so they can rave about products, don't you??? Not a smart move if you ask me ... but they didn't ask me.... that's the problem.

I'll post a picture of MY personal candle tomorrow -- right now it's dark outside and I should be in bed!

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Rachel said...

That is correct -egg smell plus Rachel is a very bad combination - I feel so privileged to crack a mention. Julie on the other hand is quite giddy with her news!