Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cafe Rio Please

Dear Bob,

This past weekend my friends and I were lamenting over the fact that we have to plan trips to Utah in order to partake of the food that haunts our dreams. You know what we are talking about don't you....... Cafe Rio.
We are crossing our fingers and toes that you will hear our cries and visit the town that has your most devoted fans --- Temecula, California. Ask any Latter-Day Saint here (and there are many) about the first place they go when they make a pit stop in St. George. It's Cafe Rio, Bob.... Cafe Rio. And if that's not enough, ask them about their last stop as they depart for home. It's Cafe Rio (and sometimes a little venture to Nielsen's Frozen Custard if you are out of Key Lime Pie, which has happened on one or two occasions). And speaking of pit stops...... more stalls please. There always seems to be a long line with all those big families on your premises.
We know Cafe Rio has set down roots along the California Coast.... but that's just not good enough. It requires a trip along the 91 freeway, and we don't like traveling along the 91! We would rather drive to Utah, or Arizona, or Las Vegas! We Temeculites need our very own Cafe Rio, where we can meet friends for lunch, and dine with our families. We need Key Lime pie at all hours.
I hear from your neighbors Nina and Grant Beutler (whom I happen to know very well), that you have a sign in your kitchen that says "When Pigs Fly." I hope that is not what you are thinking right at this moment. Pigs don't fly here Bob, but there have been occasions where "Hell has frozen over." I have proof -- a photo of my kids outside rolling a snow man in our back yard.
Since I am your long time friend (a person who knows what it means to "take a gamble and lose"), your former fake wife (at the Polynesian Cultural Center), and faithful backup singer when you played Gordon Lightfoot tunes on the guitar.... I think you should pay heed to my request. My family is getting mighty tired of my poor attempts to recreate Pork Barbacoa. "It's just not the same" they cry -- each and every time I stick a pork butt in the crock pot. It's true Bob.... it's just not the same.
I can promise you that you would have a line of eager employees -- the young men and young women of the Redhawk Ward just to name a few; as well as eager guests craving Fideo and Salmon Tacos.
If you are looking for the perfect location, check out the vacant strip centers along Temecula Parkway. It's perfect because it's just down the road from my house and all of your future employees (Claire and Eden Beutler.... plus friends) could walk to work. See.... I've thought of everything.
We love Cafe Rio, and to prove it, I'm asking all my Temecula friends to unite and leave a comment to this post so that you can see I'm not writing this letter for selfish reasons. It's for all of us who suffer from Cafe Rio withdrawals. (Now is your chance Temecula.... beg like you've never begged before!)

Your devoted friend, and little sister of 1976,


P.S. I apologize to my fellow Temeculites for referring to our beautiful town as "Hell." It's really heaven, but I thought the phase was useful in this letter, don't you?


toocoolisoms said...

Yes, please! We would love a Cafe Rio! Or it should be please, oh, please bring something yummy to Temecula!

Eve said...

Greg and I were just discussing this. We were wondering if Utahans would get sick of In-N-Out after it came to them. We pledged that we would never tire of Cafe Rio if we were ever so lucky. And one on Temecula Parkway? Oh, dare to dream.

Rachel said...

I pledge to visit the establishment at least once every single week without fail. Having Cafe Rio in Temecula would bring me so much joy, heck I dont think we would even need to visit Utah anymore!

The Pearcy Family said...

Please, please...oh please open a Cafe Rio here in Temecula. I lie awake at night thin king of your Fire-Grilled Chicken Salad. My entire family is hooked! I once drove 2 hours out of my way in Arizona to get one of the above mentioned salads. Can you imagine how many I could eat if it were right down the street???

Julie said...

Crystal-You are such a giver! Of course you aren't doing this for selfish reasons! Thank you for being our eatery advocate.

I, too, would pledge my lunch-time business to Cafe Rio if they would be so brave as to set up an establishment in our humble town!!

Erika said...

Yes. yes. Come to Temecula... There's a particularly good market for delicious restaurants on this side of town. You won't be disappointed. We need you!

Lisa said...

Oh please, oh please, oh please. Going to Cafe Rio when I visit my family in Utah is always the highlight of my trip (sorry family). You would get my very humble thanks and enthusiastic support if you were to come to Temecula! See you soon!!!!

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

I was this same way with In-N-Out. Then we they arrived in both Orem AND American Fork...I have only eatten there once...and I didn't think it was that great. It will never be the same as the In-N-Out that I hit just after stepping off the plane in Long Beach and just before heading home. Don't jinx your non-Cafe Rio-ness. It is a blessing in disguise...I PROMISE!

Meanwhile, I will eat your portion for you and tell you all about how wonderful their dressing is and how great the tortillas taste. :)

HEY! Better yet...make Cafe Rio in your kithen. You have the recipe for the chicken, rice, and dressing right? If not let me know and I will send it your way. Us Cafe Rio lovers have got to stick together!

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

So after all that talk about Cafe Rio I couldn't get it out of my head. So not to rub it in but I am having the pork salad for dinner tonight. Thanks for the great idea!

Maria said...

I would love a Cafe Rio in Temecula!! My favorite item on the menu is the fire grilled chicken burrito. Every time I go to Utah I have to get one.

Jared said...

I just made the trek yesterday, but hey, if I didn't have to drive over an hour for a pork salad I might go more . . . much more often.

love it,

Jared from Temecula!!!

Puttin' Down Roots said...

This would be a dream come true!!! Yes, it truly would. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Cafe Rio. I can't wait until my every other year visit to's making my mouth water!!

Lindsey said...

I googled cafe rio in Temecula and this came up! I live here too, am lds too, and sad that there is still no cafe rio here! That being said, we brought Papa Murphy's here, and our store doesn't get much support :( I hope cafe rio would do better!