Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sometimes I Would Swear That I live in a Parallel Universe

Last Monday night, as with every Monday night, I drove Claire and her friend Hayley to dance lessons. As we were driving along, my phone rang. I said: "Don't answer it Claire, it's Eden wanting me to go to the store to buy strawberries." The phone continued to ring and finally went to voice mail.

Two minutes later, Claire's phone rang. I said: "Eden.... begging for strawberries again. Don't answer it." The phone went to voice mail.

Two minutes later Hayley said: "Um... Sister Beutler..... Eden wants me to tell you that as he was filming and a horse shoe hit him on the head."

WHAT???? I said half laughing, half concerned.

Hayley replied: "Eden just sent me a text and it says "Tell my mom I was filming and a horse shoe hit me on the head."

The car pool erupted with hysterical laughter. At my request, Claire called Eden to see what was happening at home that involved horse shoes and a head injury.

Claire to Eden... laughing hysterically: "Eden, what is this thing about a horse shoe?"

Eden to Claire.... very serious: "I was making a movie with my green screen and the lucky horse shoe that Aunt Hauley gave me fell from my shelf and hit me on the head. I don't want to go."

Claire to Eden.... still laughing: "Are you ok? Where is it that you don't want to go??"

Eden to Claire: "Tell mom my head hurts."

Claire to Crystal: "Eden says his head hurts but it's not bleeding or anything. I have no idea what he means by "I don't want to go. Is he going somewhere tonight?"

Crystal to Claire: "Eden has no plans to go anywhere. I have no idea what he's talking about. I think this is going to turn into a plea for strawberries. Ask him how many fingers I'm holding up... if he answers, I'll know he has a serious head injury."

Claire to Eden: "Eden.... how many fingers is mom holding up??
Eden to Claire: "How would I know that, I'm not in the car!!!"
Claire to Eden... laughing again: "If your head hurts, drink some water." (She later tells me that this is what all the counselors at YMCA camp tell the campers whenever they are injured or complain that they are sick.... it's a joke between Eden and Claire.)

Eden to Claire: "It's not funny Claire, I was hit by a horse shoe and I am in pain!"

Claire to Eden: "Do you want a burrito?"

Eden to Claire: "Yes please."

This is my life on a regular basis -- so random. I can never make sense of anything, so pardon me if when you run into me some place, I seem a little scattered.


Rachel said...

Hayley told me this story last night - I was laughing then and I am laughing now - very random! By the way we missed you today - I tried calling to remind.

Lyndsay said...

This was so hysterical and random. The strawberry thing had me giggling, and I was rolling by the time I read the horseshoe issue. And then the burrito comment?! I SO look forward to your new blog posts.