Wednesday, February 3, 2010

True Love

Have you been searching for the perfect valentine to send your significant other???? Look no further because I have found it:

You can get one here:

Tell Dandee that Crystal sent you!


A.F.P. said...

I would give this to Chris...but I'm just not sure that its true. :)

dandee said...

Crystal, you're so kind! Thank you, friend.

Rosie said...

If you go to Becky Higgins Blog she had a link to the pdf's. They are easy to use, just download. Print on cardstock and cut out! There is a label for the box, a note card explainging it, another note that can be personalized with a handwritten note and a scripture about loving each other.
Follow the link on my blog to Becky's blog if you don't already have it. There are two days worth of pdf's so make sure you get all of them. I put links on my post.
good luck!

Just found out that there will be another Spark!!! I hope that I can come!

Rosie said...

Just another thought---all the note cards to be written on inside the box came from my scrap pile! I just cut up smaller pieces of random papers. Punched out some heart, squares and scalloped edges. My daughter helped me attach some little foam hearts to some--so cute. I also found a cute little notepad for $1. Anything can be used to write your love notes on.
I am so excited to give these to my friends. I hope that they will love them.

Rosie said...

I was watching a local show-Studio 5 and they were all on there and they announced that yes definately there will be Spark 2! Also, Liz, Rhonna and Margie have all posted it on their blogs--check them out. There are links to get to the announcement. No dates or details!!

R Max said...

I am killing myself laughing!