Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rebels with a Cause

I spent my weekend sick at home. It wasn't much fun. Yesterday, late afternoon, I couldn't take it anymore so I broke down and paid a visit the CVS Minute clinic (which by the way is the best idea of 2009). On my way to the clinic, I pulled up to a red traffic signal. There were two friendly-faced teenage boys standing on the corner, dressed in black waving homemade signs. I was curious -- what they were doing there? It was dusk and way too late for a car wash -- which is usually the reason a teenager stands on the corner with a homemade poster in his hands. I rolled down my tinted window to take a closer look. Scrawled in black magic marker, on white poster board one boy had written this profound statement:

"Girls poop too!!"

His friend held a similar sign which said:

"Have a nice day!" (It included a smiley face.)

Just as I finished reading the signs, the light turned green, so I stepped on the gas -- laughing at the shock of what I just read while thinking to myself: What????? I wasn't sure what they were trying to say, but nevertheless, I found it amusing.
Had these boys recently been spurned by girls? Were they mad at their moms?? Was this a dare??? Whatever the reason, you have to hand it too them... standing there with those signs was putting it out there in a big way.

When I got home from the Minute Clinic, I told Eden and Claire about my encounter.
Claire laughed and said "I probably go to school with those guys, what did they look like?"
Eden said "It's true... some girls act like they don't poop...... but they do!
Glad someone in my family understood the rebel message.


Puttin' Down Roots said...

that is too funny....too bad you couldn't get the real story behind the signs. But speculation can be funny too. I'm sorry you are sick. Do you need anything??? I have a sick house too. I feel okay, but Noah's been sick all week. He's getting a little squirley from being home all week!!!

Lanie Ree said...

That just made my day.

And it is so true.