Friday, March 5, 2010

Here and There

Matt's in Israel this week. I miss him. I talked to him on the phone this morning and asked him the standard questions "How was your day.... what are you doing...... how is the weather.....?" Boring, I know. My kids make fun of me every day as I ask them standard questions when I pick them up from school -- "How was your day.... what did you have for lunch.... do you have any homework??" Now, when they hop in the car, they don't even wait for the standard questions. They automatically say "Fine. A burrito. No." It sort of sucks the fun out if it -- I really want to have a conversation with my family -- I do! I think I would get better results if I sent a text message.

Today I got an idea. I called Matt and said "Take a picture with your cell phone and send it to me right now." He was talking softly with noise in the background so I knew he was in a crowd and didn't want to be bothered. I wanted a visual of his day. Here's what Matt was doing...... eating dinner and celebrating a birthday with a family who lives on a Kibbutz. How cool is that, to be sitting in the kitchen of a family on a Kibbutz eating delicious Kibbutz food! Is there birthday cake??? I see lots of juice and something that looks like meatloaf.

Here's what's going on at home while Matt is at the birthday party on the Kibbutz ...

Dishes are in the sink .... the dishwasher is broken. The dogs are outside taunting Nalah, the dog next door. I'm simultaneously making a pair of "ruby slippers" for a play, washing towels, and getting packages ready for the post office. Eden is eating ice cream with his friends (Ice cream... are you jealous?) And, Claire is in her usual spot on the sofa eating fish sticks and watching murder mysteries on television.

Just thought Matt would want to know. We can't wait until he gets home.


lady lee said...

I just read the deep thoughts by Eden and they are hilarious. A very thoughtful kid!

Jenni said...

what a sweet post.