Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life is Good

Life is good. Here's proof -- beautiful toes and new flip flops.

Now I'm off to pick up Claire from school so she can get a long over due hair cut. So glad to be back on track.

Post Script: Just got back from the hair salon. Apparently Claire's appointment was YESTERDAY! My day just took a turn for the worst. Have you ever had a teenage girl mad at you -- it's miserable. I'm just going to keep my head down and look at my amazing feet.


Angie said...

It is very amusing to me that you have a "before taxes" feet picture and "after taxes" feet picture. You crack me up! They look lovely, btw.

Lyndsay said...

That's impressive!!

Rosie said...

I certainly feel your pain. Having a teenage girl mad at you is the worst!! They send daggers through their eyes! Heaven forbid if you get your hair or toes done and they don't!! I am desperate for my own toes to be done!!!!

Jenni said...

The toes look lovely!

About the post script...bummer. I am NOT looking forward to those kinds of days with Lola! Keep looking at the feet I guess, right?!

kanishk said...

You crack me up! They look lovely,
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