Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm not much of a television viewer, although I used to be. It was a great babysitter in my growing up years -- and the first 3 months of both my pregnancies. I hate to admit it, but I can sing almost any theme song from a television show produced in the 1960's or 1970's. Just ask any of my friends. You should also know that the theme song to "Fresh Prince of Bel Aire" brings back feelings of morning sickness -- I avoid any channel that has it playing.
Now, I'm busy with more important things. But I have to say, there are a few programs to which I am dedicated -- one of them being "Lost." I started watching the night of the premier and I have remained faithful up to the present. The appearance of the black smoke had me hooked. When it goes off the air, I think I will still be worrying about the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.
Since I refuse to look on any of the Lost message boards, here's what I want to know: Is anyone out there noticing this theme....
  • Jacob the protector of the island -- a force for good
  • Black smoke who does not have a body of his own -- he seeks followers, but he can't force people to follow him, He twists truth and lies to get people to do his bidding .
  • The black smoke dwells in a building adorned with a huge fallen idol.
  • Jacob dwells in a temple. Inside the temple is a font of water.
  • When Jacob is killed by one of his "chosen" followers, he appears to some of his faithful believers and gives them instruction.
  • Islanders who are tried and tempted and refined through their journey on the island. They are free to make choices -- they can go it alone, join the smoke, or join "the others"
  • Some of the islanders are ignorant and don't know about Jacob or the black smoke... but they learn about both through their experiences on the island.
  • The islanders who dwell at Jacob's temple are safe from the black smoke -- they are taught to avoid the black smoke at all costs.
  • The black smoke can enter the temple once the temple guardian has been destroyed -- this is when followers of Jacob become lost and confused -- some of them choose to follow the black smoke.
  • The black smoke intends to lead his followers off the island.
  • Jack -- an islander who is "chosen" by Jacob to carry on his work. Jack is a man of science and does not believe in the concept of faith. He does not believe that he is on the island because he has a great work to perform. He visits the lighthouse and learns that Jacob has known him, and been watching him his entire life. Jack is converted.
  • Jack exercises faith in Jacob when he sits near a keg of dynamite that is ready to explode. He knows that he will not be killed because he has a great work to perform.
  • Several others are "chosen" as well to help Jack carry on with Jacob's work.
  • Multiple stories, of faith, repentance, forgiveness, hope, and a life after the island

Sound a little familiar???? If not, check out this book, It is written about real people and real events. It has similar themes.


Chelsea said...

It's not surprising that I never picked up on this when watching Lost, because, I am lost. I never know what's going on! :) But now it all makes sense! Well done!

Puttin' Down Roots said...

Every week when the episode is over, I am scratching my head...maybe because it frustrates me, I have never thought of what you have come to realize. Maybe next week I'll be more in tune! I have been a follower since day one too, even when I've wanted to stop watching it, I can't....I will watch until the end!!