Friday, March 19, 2010

In My Shoes

This is how I know that I have WAY too much going on in my life:

Not a pretty situation. Not at all. I pride myself on having nice feet. And when they look like this..... you KNOW that I have been running around like a crazy person for much too long. I offer proof. Here's what I have going on this week in addition to my regular routine:

  • Breakfast at my house for Claire's friends.
  • Huge assignment in school, due next Monday - involves taking over 100 pictures in and around Temecula, not to mention the time it takes to edit and label each picture.
  • Roadshow - three days this week. (I case you are wondering... roadshows are like a "skit night" where several different youth groups get up and perform a 13 minute production.)
  • Making LOTS of jewelry - boutique on Saturday
  • Etsy sales - way behind getting orders out
  • Filing taxes -- remind me not to put my accounting off until the end of the year
  • Board Meetings
    Writing a talk -- speaking in Church on Sunday
    Preparing a lesson - teaching a youth group on Sunday.
  • Lunch date - visiting teaching
  • Hair cut - which cannot be canceled (trumps all things going on in my life)

My entire month has been like this.... a merry-go-round at hyper speed. I need to slow down and get a pedicure. Now when I look at other women and think "man.... she needs to do something about those feet" I'll have a little more compassion. They must have merry-go-rounds of their own.

What do your feet look like these days??

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Eve said...

Oooh, we will have to make sure to get a good seat on Sunday - can't wait to hear you speak!