Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today I had to so some Walmart shopping -- a chore I dread. For some reason, no matter how many stands are open (which is usually less than 5), it takes at least 30 minutes to check out. Thirty minutes! I always hunt for the one worker -- a college student, who defies the odds and gets me out of there in record time. I love that woman.

I pushed my cart out to the parking lot dodging cars as I walked. Drivers there never pay attention to the cross walk, which totally annoys me. When I got to my own vehicle, I opened the back door and started the process of unloading -- another thing I don't enjoy. There's always a bag that breaks spilling fruit or vegetables under the seats out of my reach. I find them weeks later when the car starts to smell. Anyway, as I began the process of unloading, I heard a strange sound -- "squeek-er" --just like the squeeker noise in a dog toy. It happened every time I set a bag in the car:
Bag.... squeek-er..... bag.....squeek-er.
I looked all over the ground to see if I was stepping on something that was making the sound, but nothing was here. I stood still for a minute to see if I would hear it again, and I did. It was coming from the tree in front of my car. There hidden among the branches was a black bird. I slowly walked over to the tree and looked up thinking to myself: "that is the weirdest noise I've ever heard coming from a bird." I never knew they could make a noise like that! The bird looked straight at me and this time, instead of squeaking, she began to sing. Her song was beautiful -- the melody of Spring. I got lost in the moment and completely forgot that I was at Walmart standing in the middle of an asphalt parking lot. There was green, shimmering light, the little black bird, and me.
The moment was brief, but it brought a smile to my heart on a day that I really needed it. The spell was broken when the bird flew away. She was frightened off by the slam of a car door -- the man parked next to me. He looked as though he thought I was a little crazy just standing there staring at a tree. No matter -- he didn't hear the music of the bird. The song was just for me.

Serendipity -- discovering beautiful things not sought for. Who knew I would find it in of all places -- Walmart.


Kim said...

love this....

Nanette said...

Such a lovely post!
Thank you for sharing your moment.