Saturday, May 22, 2010


My family loves In and Out Burger. They think it's the best burger joint in the world. In fact, most of the people I know LOVE In and Out Burger too. Me, I can live without it. I've had much better burgers elsewhere, thank you very much. I just don't find In and Out that great. Tonight everyone wanted to go to In and Out for dinner. I was hoping for Thai food, and made a pitch for Thom Kah soup. Nobody went for it, even Matt, who I can usually count on to support family restaurants over a chain burger joint. But this time, instead of saying "Yeah, lets go for Thai!" Matt said "What if I told you the secret to ordering the ultimate burger at In and Out, would you change your mind?" This intrigued me. How could I refuse? So we went to In and Out.

Matt stepped up to the counter and said:

"I'll have your #2 -- animal style, extra toast, fries well done, sauce on the side."

(Remember that phrase. )

We sat down in a booth and tried to shield our eyes from the setting sun which was blaring through the window. As we sat there, I noticed this mother wearing an In and Out paper hat just like the people flipping burgers behind the counter. Her three children were following her around like ducklings, they had on hats too. The oldest child was wearing a baseball uniform with the pants pulled up so high the waistband was level with his arm pits. The pants were cinched with a black belt. They had just come from a baseball game. As they passed, I saw that the mother was carrying a huge tray of French fries. Two birthday candles sat on top in the shape of the number 41. They all stopped a table where a man was sitting in the corner smiling. He was the birthday boy. The mother lit the candles and then I heard the ducklings sing in very soft voices "Happy birthday dear daddy ..... Happy birthday to you...."

It was the sweetest thing. I cried sitting right in the middle of In and Out. I found myself feeling so glad that I have opted for a secret burger instead of Thom Kah soup.

Just then the counter lady yelled "Number 1!" That was us. We were #1. We even yelled "We're Number 1" because how often to you get to proclaim that without sounding prideful! Matt went up and got our secret burgers and fries. I took a bite and chewed slowly so that I could discover whether or not Matt had been telling me the truth. You know .... he was right! It was a great burger. A really great burger! You have to try ordering this the next time you go to In and Out. Here's what you will get:

A cheese burger with grilled onions, extra pickles, lettuce and tomato, mustard, sauce, and a toasted bun, accompanied with fries that have been cooked to a light crisp so that they are crunchy, but not burned -- like the little remnants you find at the bottom of the fry bag. I always like those the best. And best of all, you get a packet of In and Out burger sauce for your fries! I never knew those were available!!

It pays to know someone who knows the secret ways to order stuff. Claire's the secret order person when we go to Jamba Juice. And Eden .... he's recently been reading up on the secrets at Disneyland. Did you know there's a secret basketball court at the top of the Madderhorn? I never knew that!!!

But, I'm guessing that all of you have been aware of these secrets for years now, and that I am the last one to know.

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Lyndsay said...

We ADORE In N Out. We were eating there once a week until we found out the fat content of the fries. Gulp! We've cut back a LOT, but we still love to indulge!