Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Popeye Would Love This

Last week I paid a visit to my doctor for a routine checkup, which included a blood test. I knew within a few days I would get a call and hear the same thing I've heard for about 15 years. You are anemic!!!

Eat more spinach!!!!!!!

(Please note that "eat more spinach" is in a large font, because the nurse who calls with my results usually yells that sentence to make her point. )

I'm usually annoyed by this statement because I eat lots of greens, but admittedly not a lot of spinach. I love it in salads doused with a lot of dressing, but the calories!!! And cooked, not my favorite. Too slimy for me.

Can you believe, the very next day, my friend Dandee blogged about green smoothies. The green doesn't come from food coloring, it comes from SPINACH!!!! The solution to my problem, right there!! I went to the store and purchased the supplies. Sunday, after church, I made the smoothies. I was expecting a taste similar to grass, but these are actually good! They taste like fruit and who doesn't like that taste??

I would venture to guess that almost any kid would rather drink this, than eat a big bowl of spinach . . . unless they have been raised Vegan and don't know any better.
My kids know better. But, they are always game for a taste test, so I told them we were going to try spinach smoothies. They grimaced, but they drank with only minor complaints like: "These are kind of thick, and they don't have ice! (That's pretty minor if you ask me. Plus, no one gagged.) And teenagers complain even if you give them a big bowl of homemade ice cream, so I was feeling pretty good about the fact that they even finished the smoothies while simultaneously getting a big serving of vegetables and fruit.

I'm making these a part of my daily routine.

Click here for the recipe. You need to try these! You do! But if you have little kids, who have a fear of vegetables, I would change the name to Shrek Smoothies and not mention that the green comes from Spinach until they ask you for more.

Somehow, a cool name makes all the difference.


lindseyj said...

We love green smoothies at our house!

Chessa said...

i eat spinach all the time! I love it...but, in a smoothie...not too sure...although I will happily drink spinach before I touch a beet:-)!

dandee said...

i'm thrilled you like it too! i have one every morning, makes me feel good and healthy as i start my day.