Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top Chef

Last night was oh so fun. We had a Top Chef competition with the youth at church -- a pancake cook-off. I wasn't sure if anyone would get into this activity, but the kids brought their "A" games. The adults couldn't help with the cooking, they could only advise. Look what they came up with!

Yeah, I know, that folding table looks a little nasty. We should have used a table cloth, but look at the food! Fried pancake, crepes, ebelskivers, banana pancakes, pina colada syrup, lemon ricotta pancakes, potato pancakes. I'm craving breakfast, aren't you?

Want to know who won???

Yep, that's Claire. Her group made a trio of pancakes: Lemon ricotta with blackberry syrup and lemon curd, French crepes with strawberries, whipped cream and honey syrup, and potato pancakes with sour cream and bacon. How can you go wrong with that combo! If you want the recipes, click here. Seriously, they were really, really good. Don't let the presentation fool you.

If you are interested in doing this activity with your own youth group, click here.
These boys, we not happy about losing. I think they want a rematch.

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