Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Can't post today. Must take nap and conserve energy. I'm staying up all night. That's right.....

Wish me luck.

I'm too old for this.


Jenni said...

oh, you are such a good mommy to claire!

i love the books, but i loathe the movies, they just ruin it for me ;( although i hear that this one is far better than the other two! i hope so, because even though i can't stand them, i will be seeing it, just not the midnight show!

good luck and have a blast! try not to drool to much over jacob, he is worth staying up and seeing after midnight!

tomiannie said...

Bahahaha! Good luck with it. My friend (who is definitely Team Jacob) is making herself a t-shirt that says "This cougar is in love with a wolf..."