Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Conversations in the Car Pool: Part 2

Eden: What's an infomercial?

Crystal: It's usually an expanded commercial that demonstrates a product and has a spokesperson who raves about how you need whatever they are selling.

Eden: So basically it's a commercial.

Crystal: Yep, I guess so.

Eden: I saw this infomercial the other day about a giant stick you shove in your shoe to put it on.

Crystal: You mean a shoe horn?

Eden: Yeah, but it was giant, with a really long handle. Who would buy something like that!

Crystal: Anyone who can't bend over to put on shoes, that's who. Like an old person. Or a fat person.

Eden: (Very serious) Are you going to buy one?

Crystal: (Under my breath) I'm thinkin' about it.

Anna: You know what I hate, Crocs. My mom used to love those things. Korean moms just don't look good in those -- they look like tourist nerds.

Eden: Yeah! My mom loved them too. She had big giant green ones that she proudly wore all over the airport when we went to Florida. Hey, she was a tourist! Mom, why did you by those?

Crystal: Hey, don't make fun of Crocs! Those saved me that year we went to Florida. Don't you remember I had a back injury! And .... I bought you a pair too. You thought they were cool.

Eden: Don't you know that those Crocs are just big, foam, clogs! They look all klunky and dumb. I know a woman who wore black ones to a funeral! With socks and a dress!!! How weird is that!

Anna: Little kids look cute in them though, just not moms.

Eden: Yeah. Mom don't wear those anymore.

Crystal: Eden, is this your version of an infomercial -- trying to get me to throw away my Crocs? It's not going to work you know. Now that I know how you feel about them, I'm wearing them every time that we go to the beach. If you thought I was dumb wandering around the airport, just think about how dumb I'm going to look wandering around the sand sporting Crocs and a swim suit! Maybe I'll even wear socks!

Post Script: After numerous emails expressing concern about me wearing Crocs -- I assure you that the only time they make an appearance is when I work in the yard. And .... I don't even own a pair of socks, they bug my feet. Weird, I know.


Eve said...

"I'm thinkin' about it" - ha. I am loving this blogging spurt. You crack me up.

Jenni said...

HA! I say wear them (even though I have to agree with the kids)! It is fun to do embarrassing stuff to them, right?!

Rosie said...

I totally agree with the kids--Crocs have been the ugliest shoes in decades!!!

My oldest went to mutual last night and it was "nerd" bowling. I had her wear some outdoorsy sandals(chaco's) with tall socks---crocs would have been perfect as well---please tell me you would never wear your crocs with capris and socks!!!