Friday, June 11, 2010

Miracle on Yellowstone Lane

Do you know what's better than Photography 125? Taking a photography class with my friend Wendy and her husband Tyler . You might know them as Blue Lily.

That's right! Thee Blue Lily.

Don't let this turquoise photograph of Wendy scare you. I call it 'Before I Knew What I Was Doing.' Wendy is as beautiful as they come . . .with long flowing red hair . . .which I covet.

Want to know something really funny? Wendy has taken photographs of my kids, we've chatted via email on a few occasions, we have mutual friends, and we live in the same semi-small community. But, we never see each other around town.


Strange, but true.

A few nights ago, Wendy emailed me and said 'Hey, I'm teaching a photography class on Thursday. I think you should come.' So I did. Last night as I was getting ready to head over to her house, I pulled up her address on Goggle Maps, and gasped!

She lives around the corner from me! Around the corner!!! Less than a mile away!!! How could I not know that? How could we be so close, and yet so far???

It's truly odd because I see total strangers every single day, like The Patriotic Partners, and Now Git. But, I have never run into Wendy. Maybe it's because she's busy traveling all over the world. Whatever the reason, I was excited to learn that Wendy is my neighbor .... and I can drop off treats as I'm out walking my dogs. Her house is right along our daily route.

I have to tell you about the miracle that took place last night.

On several occasions, I have expressed my feelings about my semester in Photography 125. It was agony. I pulled up my grades online last Monday and learned the final outcome -- I got a B, which is what I thought I would get, but it still makes me mad. Really mad. I worked really hard. I turned in every assignment. I got an A on the final exam. I can't figure out how I got a B! Admittedly, I learned a few things (mostly about Photoshop), but nothing about the camera has stuck with me. I look at my camera and think 'Now what was I supposed to do again?' I sat in that class every week, listening for two hours while the instructor did complicated math problems on the white board relating to aperture. I still have no idea what he was talking about. I thought it was just me, but I ran into a Emma, girl from my class, at Rubios yesterday and she said the same thing: 'I got a B, and I still don't know what the heck F-Stops are all about.' Her confession was a relief to my wounded soul. I saw Emma's pictures, they were good! She got a B too! What's up with that Mr. W? Somethings wrong with Photography 125, that's what!

Well, last night everything changed. Everything! Who knew that in two hours Blue Lily could sum up what I spent an entire semester trying to learn. Wendy and Tyler spoke my language. They explained how a camera works using phrases like "ISO is magical" and "this thingy here" which are words I can relate to. It was so simple -- I needed to learn from someone who can teach. And Wendy and Tyler can teach.

I left feeling so excited to get out and use my camera! I can't wait to take another session when Blue Lily gets from home from their summer travels. (Wendy is sort of like Where's Waldo these days.)

I have to give you a small sample of what I learned last night: The "metering mode" function.

You can correct light when you have lighting issues in any given situation! Like shadows on the face of your subject when they stand against a bright blue sky. We didn't even cover this in Photography 125! Have you ever tried taking a picture of a candle in a dark room -- say a birthday? Mine never work. But look at these photos! Look how they change when you use metering mode. Amazing. My life improved with the push of one button. I'm not going to show you any more than this. If I told you what I learned about Aperture, it would be way to much excitement for 1 post to handle.

I'm telling you. If you are interested in getting out of "automatic", you need to take a class from Blue Lily. And the best part is they have workshops all over the map. You can check out their schedule here. Seriously, it's worth every dime. (Tell them I sent you -- Crystal the nice neighbor.)

I can't wait for my Bermuda vacation next month. It's going to be fun wandering the island with a camera -- now that I know what I'm doing.

Thank you Blue Lily!!! You are the best! I so owe you some cupcakes. (And Eve too, because she's the one who told me about the 50 mm lens.)


lady lee said...

awww she has red hair and big tails just like fast food Wendy.

You know when it's real!

(ashamed to know the Wendy's jingle)

lady lee said...

and by big tails...I mean pig tails.


Diane said...

SMALL town?? I just looked it up. 105,000 people. That's no small!

meg duerksen said...

i want her to teach me how to work the parts of my camera i don't understand.
AND she IS taking our pics when we go to chicago!!! in 24 days.
do you notice that i have begun counting down.
what if i break out with the worst acne before our session?!!! what if?
i am very excited. :)