Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is how I remember her ....

On a birthday that seems like it was just yesterday, we had a prom party, complete with dates. Wasn't her fellow handsome?

We took prom pictures down at the Redhawk waterfall -- which is where everyone in Temecula takes pictures for prom, or weddings, or La Quinceañeras.

I blinked, and today Claire turned 15 -- Quince.

We might have to pay another visit to the waterfall for an official Quinceañera picture. Is it kosher to take a Quinceañera photograph with your friends if they aren't in fancy bright dresses? (Is it even kosher to say kosher when you are talking about Quince? I hope so, because I love using both of these words, and it's not often that I get to say them in the same sentence.)

That was Claire's dream when she was 7 -- a Quinceanera party with a colorful fancy dress. She could hardly wait to turn 15. Every time we went past a store with prom dresses, she would say "I want that for my Quince!" And I would say "What in the world is a Quince?"

Dreams change.

Claire no longer wants a fancy dress. Now she wants a photo of her friends dressed like vampires wearing fanny packs ... because that's what she's doing to celebrate her birthday .... the midnight premier of Eclipse.

If you are wondering what a fanny pack has to do with Eclipse, the answer is "nothing." Claire and her friends are trying to bring them back into style. They've taken to wearing fanny packs all the time. I had to put my foot down and say "You are not wearing that to church!"

Like I said, dreams change. But I never would have guessed Claire's Quince would involve vampires and bad 80's fashion.

Happy birthday beautiful girl.

I love you.

Post Script: If you are curious about the prom party, click here for more information.


Genevieve said...

How fun!!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I read about the Prom party on your other blog - you are so creative! And thank you for explaining Quince. I was totally lost.

Happy Birthday to Claire and good luck to her with the fanny packs! She's gonna need it!

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday Claire! You are one very beautiful young lady!

Have a blast at your Eclipse party!