Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two Peas

How many people do you know that have passion for Iceland, Swedish design, Bjork, Post Modernism, film making, speak Danish, and collect sand from the beaches they visit? I know two -- Wes J. and Eden B. Actually, Eden only knows a bit of Danish, but he wishes he knew Danish and works on it occasionally.

I guess you are wondering ... who is Wes?
Sorry to disappoint you but Wes is not in this picture, because he's taking it. Too bad you can't see him because he's a good looking guy. This is a picture of me, Eden, my cyber friend Lyndsay J. and the oh so darling Finn and Maya.

So about Wes. Wes is Eden grown up. I'm not kidding. Wes is also Lyndsay's husband, who was kind enough to give Eden a one-on-one class yesterday about film making. Wes is in the American Film Institute graduate program in Los Angeles, which is where we are standing in this picture. Did you follow all that? It was a little confusing for a minute, huh!

I've blogged about Lyndsay several times. She's the genius graphic artist behind my logo and my beautiful blog designs. I just love her. We have never met in person, until yesterday -- when I took Eden to L.A. to meet up with Wes.

I have to say that when I began blogging, I never expected to form sweet friendships online. but I did -- people I truly love knowing -- like Lyndsay. It was such a pleasure to meet her in person. It was like we had known each other for years. The minute I walked into her bungalow, we picked right up with conversations that began with emails. There was so much to say, and too little time. I wish Lyndsay and Wes lived down the street from me in Temecula. We'd have so much fun. They are amazing people with adorable children. Adorable!!! And I don't give out that compliment unless I truly mean it. I wanted to chew on their cheeks (but I refrained less Lyndsay thought I was a little insane.)

Hey .... if Lyndsay and Wes lived down the street, then they would be neighbors with Blue Lily too. Would that be fun or what! I think they'd like each other .... a lot!

While I talked with Lyndsay and Finn, Wes shuffled Eden off to his studio where he spent the morning teaching Eden about lighting, green screens, and camera angles. Then we all went to lunch at a retro diner (where I learned that Wes and Eden also share a passion for French Toast), and finished up the day taking a tour of AFI. It was such fun. Wes even gave Eden some of his sand from Iceland. Yes, Wes has been to Iceland! How cool is that! Giving up some of his Icelandic sand is the mark of a true friend.

Thanks for a wonderful day Johnsons. Now I'm off to Home Depot to buy lighting equipment.

Post Script: Eden would like me to inform you that he forgot his hair gel. It looks like he has a Mo haircut in this picture! (He's a little particular about the way he looks.)


Jenni said...

What a special day for your son! How cool was that opportunity for him!

I think it is fabulous that you were able to meet up with some of the online friends that you have formed! I have a list started of where I would like our next vacations to be, my husband thinks I am a little crazy, but that is ok!

Have fun at Home Depot! You are one cool mama!

tomiannie said...

A little message for Eden:

Hvor er det dog dejligt, at du ønsker at lære dansk! Der er ikke ret mange, som kan det, men det er et herligt sprog. Måske vil du en dag blive missionær i Danmark! Bliv ved med det, og hvis du nogensinde har brug for en dansk-talende ven, bare skriv mig en lille seddel! Held og lykke med det, og jeg håber du får en dejlig sommer!

(I went to Denmark on my mission! Google translate should do a pretty good job with this for what he doesn't know.)

Angie said...

How great for the two of you to finally meet! Yay!

dandee said...

oh, I'm sure Eden was in heaven! and what a fun experience for all of you!

Lyndsay said...

It was a great day. Just like an old friend was walking right through my door and having a chat. Last night I thought a few times how much I wish we lived a stone's throw away. :)

And Eden, I never noticed that you were missing your hair gel. So no worries. Wes is also VERY particular about his hair. Which is why he was wearing a hat...

tomiannie said...

Hi again! Crystal -- I did use my Cricut to cut the triangles for that card, but I think it would be pretty easy to do them by hand, too. I think the perfect dimensions for the pennant banner is equal height and width, so these are 1" high and 1" wide. Probably more than you needed to know, but there you go!