Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blonde Girl and a Cherry Tree

You know what I love? Orchards. They are magical. Years ago before I was married, my aunt and I used to visit them often. We would set up our chairs and get out our watercolors and spend the afternoon trying to capture the beauty of the trees on paper. Those were good days. I loved spending time like that with my aunt. I haven't painted with watercolors since which is too bad because my aunt stuck with it, and got really good. She became a true artist in every sense of the word. I would actually purchase one of her paintings.

Any-whoooo, As Claire and I were driving home from Utah earlier this week, somewhere near Mona, we passed orchards next to a big red barn. The barn is actually called The Big Red Barn and I've always wanted to stop and see what's there. But Matt, he hates stopping as we make our trek homeward. He just wants to get it over with. This time he wasn't with us, and I wasn't under any time constraints so I pulled off the freeway and stopped. We discovered the Red Barn's claim to fame -- "The World's Best Shakes." Claire wanted to give them a try. Me -- I just wanted to spend a few minutes in the middle of the trees.

Claire got her shake, which I'm disappointed to say isn't the world's best, but it was good enough for her. Not me, I threw mine in the trash. It wasn't worth a million calories. (Let it be known that Claire
insisted I admit my evil deed in this post. She actually yelled at me and said "You better include the part where you threw your shake away after you found out they didn't make it the way you asked. You were so rude Mom!" I really wasn't, I snuck my shake in the trash when no one was looking .... I seriously didn't want to waste calories on something I didn't like. I apologize Big Red Barn.)

Any-whoo .... We wandered over to the orchard and it was full of pie cherry trees, my favorite. I had one in my back yard when I was a little girl. I spent hours in that tree reading books and eating cherries. That tree was a good friend. I miss it.

I'm so glad I stopped. But I sure wish I would have recharged the battery on my
Canon before we left Utah. I missed out on a fabulous photo opportunity. You just can't capture the magic of an orchard with a little pocket camera. Let me rephrase that --
I can't capture the magic with the pocket camera. Look what happened -- I'm back in automatic mode! Claire has dark shadows all over her face. Blue Lily is going to be sooooooo disappointed.

Oh well, next time.

Post Script: Red Barn has the world's best cherry-apple juice. I think they should be bragging about that instead of shakes! You need to try it. Yes, you do.

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