Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Daydawn is Breaking

Summer mornings are the best. I love it when my body wants to wake up early, before the sun creeps over the hills to announce the day. My back yard is silent. The birds haven't started their morning overture. The only sound in the house is the dryer -- yes, I'm still working on that laundry mountain. I'm determined to finish it today. I walk downstairs, my kitchen looks like a bomb exploded all over the counters -- a Summer constant -- kids making food all day long. The ants love it. I love it too -- kids home and no schedule that is, not the mess.

This morning, the air is a little cool which is a nice relief from the sweltering heat wave of last week. The whole town complained as they went about their business. "Boy it's a hot one. This heat is killing me!!" I think we've all gotten a little spoiled this year, it was only in the low 100's -- tops. It's typically around 115 by now.

I'm putzing around the house with all the windows open, savoring those last few minutes of cool and quiet. In the corner, I notice the sunlight filtering over my sofas and coffee table. The quiet, and the light remind me of sleepovers at my grandmas when I was little. I loved being in her house, especially during the morning hours. I always woke up to the sound of a Rain Bird sprinkler, and that same sunlight filtered into the room across my face. I wish I could visit that house again and spend one more night there. I'd drink up all the smells and sounds just like I'm doing today -- only I'd appreciate it a little more than I did when I was young.


Kim said...

what a beautiful memory! have i told you lately that i love your blog?

Rosie said...

YOu are a delightful writer. I enjoyed reading this little bit because I struggle to savor those little moments. It seems that I am always overwhelmed with my list of things to do. I am always behind so I never seem to just enjoy those little moments. I was at my Mom's house this past week and there where I am not in charge I seem to slow down and pay attention to a few more things. Her summer porch is straight out of country living--I hope someday that I can create one.

I have often wished I could go back and drink in everything from when I was young, the smells, sounds, textures and tastes.

hauleyf said...

remember the day Nana died we all spent the night in her backyard? and about 5:00am those same sprinklers went off waking us and soaking us at the same time? Nana's way of letting us know, "rise and shine..."