Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Garden

A visit to Utah is not complete without a visit to "the Garden."

Here are two of it's creators. Grant and Nina. There is a third, but I've never met her. She's important though and I don't want to exclude her -- the Garden sits on her land.

The Garden is a thing of beauty . . . and order. Everything is organized into neat little rows. There isn't a weed in sight.

I envy it, but not really, because I know the price these gardners pay for the bounty. It's hard work. And I mean hard.

One must be diligent to grow a garden like this. You miss a couple of days and whoosh, it's all gone.

The minute the ground thaws each Spring, they are out there digging and planting, and hoeing, and weeding, and watering, and picking, and weeding, and ....

Whew! I'm getting tired just typing this! But luckily, because it's a garden, they can stop and take a drink out of the hose, and feast on a few blackberries .... or raspberries.

Then there's the harvest ... it goes on for months.

There are more fruits and vegetables than a person like me knows what to do with. But Grant and Nina .... they do know. They are experts.

They spend the entire summer canning. You should see their basement. It's like a general store.

I love the Garden, as much as I love the people who planted it.

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