Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Good News:
Claire began phase one of getting her braces off today. I don't need to tell you that this date has been circled in red on our calendar for a long, long time. She actually got up early she was so excited. That never happens during the summer.

Bad News: When I got into the car to take Claire to the orthodontist, I put my key in the ignition. No sound of the engine starting up -- just click, click, click. We tried and tried, but nothing happened. Claire was madder than a hornet. She ran into the house crying. As she ran she yelled

"You are the most unlucky person MOMMMMMMM!!!! Stuff like this always happens when you are around!!!"

Bad News: I really didn't feel like helping my daughter after that .... but I did, and this is why: I remember all too clearly how I behaved when I was 15. I definitely would have yelled at my mother had our car broken down the day I got my braces off. (If she were still alive, my mom would be smiling right about now. She warned me that some day, what goes round, comes around. Curses! She was right.)

Good News: I forgave Claire and called a cab. I know I have a million friends who would have come to my aid, but it was early. It was summer. There were no other appointments available today. And, we were in crisis mode.

Good News: The cab came and drove us to the appointment on time. The cabby and his wife were really nice.

Bad News: The cab ride cost $60 whopping dollars which made me glad I don't need cabs often.

Bad News: I got home and had to make a call to the IRS. The customer service rep was so rude and mean that I told her she was a jerk as I hung up the phone.

Good News: I called back and got another customer service rep who was really, really nice and gave me the information I needed without having to be put on hold for 20 minutes. Mrs. Martin, you are my favorite IRS lady. Yes, you are.

Bad News: I called AAA (not to be confused with AA) and asked them to come look at my car. They were delayed two hours, and I was stuck at home which forced me to focus on the laundry mountain.

Good News: AAA showed up and told me I had a dead battery -- I mean my car had a dead battery, which they promptly replaced. What a huge relief -- I'm leaving on vacation in two days and did not want my car towed to a garage.

Grateful News: I love the man who invented AAA. He's rescued me more times than I care to name. I wouldn't leave home without his card in my wallet. Ever!! Even if I go to China and use the subway.


Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

AAA rocks. And as VW owners, we don't go without it. :)

And yikes on the cab ride! I think Clare might owe you big time. Back rub, anyone? Or even better, make her brush your hair! I love that!

Genevieve said...

Nice positive thinking! I'm kinda dreading the days my girls are preteen-teenish--I pretty much start every conversation to my mom and dad w/ an apology :) Exciting stuff--braces off!! I'm 28 and I'm just getting them on! ;) Karma :)

Jenni said...

AAA rocks my socks too!

exact same thing happened to me about 2 weeks ago (well, minus the daughter getting her braces off and having to call a cab and paying way to much part) but, you know what i mean!

you rock as a mama and i hope claire appreciates you!

i need to do a post about my car and how i have a love/hate relationship with it has been falling about this last year, and it is a honda and i take very good care of it, and it is NOT supposed to be a lemon (ok, you get the picture), but it is paid off. i seriously have spent a years worth of car payments fixing the dang thing lately! ugh.

meg duerksen said...

what a crazy day!
i have a 15 yr. old that would blame me for that too.

and i recall telling my mom how embarrassed i was of her when i was 14 and she got a flat tire.
i hid in the back of the car and thought i was going to die of embarrassment!