Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Homesick ...

But not for California. I miss living here. Utah is home. It always will be -- even though I haven't lived here for over 27 years.

I miss aspen groves,

and thunderstorms that roll in and out of the valley within the space of an hour.

I miss wild flowers,

and streams.

I miss hiking and cookouts in the canyon.

I have an aching love for the mountains of home.

You better believe I'm savoring every second that I am here.


Eve said...

This time of year makes me homesick for Utah and I only lived there for three semesters of school. Utah summers are beautiful. I love those thunderstorms the absolute best.

kiddle97 said...

It's me again. :) I'm jealous you're in Utah right now. Hands down, Utah has the best summer nights of any place on earth. Your pictures are stunning and make me miss it too. Everyone says, "Don't sell your house in California 'cause you're gonna wish you had it once you move away." Well, that's how I feel about Utah. You get seasons there, warm days, cool nights, snow, crisp autumns... oh, you're making me homesick too.

I am loving your photographs. Keep up the good work!