Wednesday, July 28, 2010

O'er the Ramparts We Watch

One of the charming things about Bermuda -- old things. They are everywhere and they speak to me.

Rusted, mossy walls that blush because the stones were made with with pink beach sand.

Worn British telephone booths with red chipped paint. I wish I could take this one home with me. It would look oh so perfect in my house (if I had a place to put it.)

Old rowboats, long forgotten in an abandoned boat house. Oh these colors ..... I love them, don't you?

Antique canons stationed on a rampart built in the early 1600's.

That's right, a rampart! I stood on this one today and looked out over the ocean. I imagined a pirate ship sailing on the horizon with a skull and cross bone flag blowing in the warm wind. I think Johnny Depp was at the helm. Sigh.

I have a confession (and it's not about a pirate). Until I visited this fort, I didn't even know what a "rampart" was. Do you? Cuz if you do, I'm going to feel pretty dumb if you understood that line from the Star Spangle Banner all this time, and I didn't ...

until now that is.


dandee said...

I want to be where you are, It looks so dreamy, laid back and just plain cool.

And no. I had no idea what a rampart was. Thank you for making me smarter today. :)

Lyndsay said...

So glad to have you back, and so glad you had a great time! Love the photos.

Jenni said...

Welcome back!!!! The pictures are beautiful, I would have been snapping like crazy!

And rampart, yeah...NO CLUE!