Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's not often that we get ear splitting thunder here in Temecula. But right this very minute, we are, and it's exciting. I'm standing in my kitchen with the back door open, take deep breaths through my nose. I love the smell of the wet rain soaking into the dry ground. And that sound .... rolling thunder with a loud


The noise is right above my house. The whole sky is lighting up, and my dog his hiding in the corner, shaking with fear. That's how I know it's loud .... she's never done that before.

It's almost over now, and it's rolling on to the next city in it's path.

I wish it would rain like this all summer -- at dusk, just as the light is beginning to fade.

I better go take care of my poor little dog.

P.S. The battery on my camera just died so in lieu of beautiful pictures of rain and lightening, enjoy this out of focus shot of my wet hydrangeas.

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RaeAnne said...

My absolute FAVORITE thing in the entire world...summer rain! makes my heart skip a beat just thinking about it! I'm so jealous! It hasn't rained where I'm at here in Utah for a little while now, and I miss it so much! Love your pink hydrangeas by the way. :)