Friday, July 30, 2010

The View From My Chair

I'm sitting under a blue striped umbrella on pink sand. It's breathtakingly beautiful here.

Three little French boys are playing golf on the beach with giant plastic golf clubs.

A pair of British brothers are standing nearby flexing their muscles. They have been standing in the same spot for over 2 1/2 hours. (I'm not kidding.) Claire and I keep wondering when they are going to sit down. We keep willing them with our minds, but it's not working. Their parents are both sitting down . . .why aren't they? No, wait .... the very tall, thin dad just got up from his chair. He's wearing a Speedo and looks like he's been slow roasted on a rotisserie for about a week. He's definitely over-cooked. Now he's standing with his sons. He looks a little out of place -- he doesn't have any muscles, just crispy skin.

A large group of UK teenagers are playing football behind me. One of the boys is mad because the group is playing football instead of soccer. At least it seems that way because he mockingly tried to imitate an American accent when he said "They want to play Eh-MEhR-ik-an football." I found it quite funny. Do we really sound like that???

I'm getting really hot sitting here in the bright sun and muggy air, so I walk down to the water. It's so clear I can see my coral toenails smiling up at me through the azure blue surf. The water is warm -- but cool enough to be refreshing. I wade out up to my neck and bounce along with the surge of the waves. I hear so many conversations around me - German, Swedish, French, Italian, but I can't understand any of them. I wonder what all these people are saying? I'm guessing they they are talking about what they will eat for dinner tonight on their cruise ship.

I look around for Matt and then remember he's off snorkeling around the big rocks. I wish I had remembered to bring my mask too.

Eden and Claire join me. They look so cute making their way through the water crowd. They are laughing and whispering together as they bob in my direction. I hear Eden say under his breath "Beach Mom .... ha ha ha" which means they are making fun of me. "Beach Mom" is their code for "mom looks dumb with wet hair and no makeup."

"You guys are rude!" I say as they finally swim up and grab me around the neck. That makes them laugh even harder.

Then I say "Eden, have you looked in a mirror lately? You should see yourself in that snorkel mask. It's left a huge imprint on your face!" Eden continues laughing and splashes water in my face. It tastes really salty. Way saltier than the Pacific Ocean. Believe me, I'm an expert on the taste of Pacific. I swallowed gallons once when I almost drowned 2 feet from shore. (Remind me to tell you that story sometime, it's very entertaining.)

The salt water stings my eyes. It takes a minute before I can make my way back to the beach. When I finally sit back down in my chair, I look around and see that the little French boys have finished their golf game and are eating lunch with their grandparents. The UK teens are laying on towels drinking beer and listening to music. And the two British brothers . . . are still standing there! When are they going to move????

It's nice to have moments when there's nothing more to worry about than why two boys have been standing for hours on end.

Maybe I should offer them some money for a snow cone so they can take a walk to the snack bar . . .

Even better, I think I'll take a walk myself. I need to use the loo.


Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

If you're trying to make me jealous, it's not working.

Ok, it is.

That water! Agghh!

And your description sounds like the day was just pure lovely.

Jenni said...

wow, that water...i want to be there right now! and that picture of you and eden is so cute!

your little stories of the people are so funny! cracking up at the muscle boys still!

hauleyf said...

so are the 2 guys in the background single? the one needs a bra and the other one needs spanx... just sayn'