Monday, August 30, 2010

Ta-MAY-toes, Ta-MA-toes

Eden and I were running errands today and pulled up to a drive through for a soda. While we were in line we heard the person ahead of us ordering . . .

"I'll have some strawberry FAN-ta please."

Eden said "That just drives me NUTS! It's pronounced FAWN-TA, not FAN-ta!!!!! Haven't they seen the commercial??? I can't stand it when people say words wrong. Like when people say "melk" instead of "milk." Doesn't that just bug you mom?

I said "I have to confess Eden, I thought it was "FAN-ta" too . . . until I heard the commercial.

Eden said "yeah, but "melk?" There's no "e" in milk! It just bugs me to death.

I said "you know what really bugs me Eden. I drives me nuts when people refer to the Young Women organization at church as "Young Womens."

"Are you going to Young Womens tonight?" Not ok people!!! It's already PLURALLLLLLL!

And you know what else Eden, I hate it when people say "crik" instead of "creek."
I had no idea Millcrick canyon was really Millcreek Canyon until I moved to California. My entire family always referred to it as Mill-crik!! Who knew?

I had to change the subject right then and there because I started to get really worked up! And seriously . . . what a waste of energy, worrying about that when there are bigger problems in my life like -- what in the world am I going to make for dinner when there's nothing in the refrigerator except week old "chow-da."

As I drove off, I realized I have no room to talk when it comes to mispronouncing words. I remembered the time when Matt and I were eating and I said

"I don't like the taste of AS-PAR-TA-Me."

He said "What?????? Do you mean "AS-PAR-TAME???"

And then he started laughing so hard I thought he was going to fall out of his chair. I felt like a total ID-E-OT . . . (not to be confused with "id-jut.")

He never lets me live that down, by the way. Every time we go out to a restaurant he says "Pass me a package of as-par-ta-me, would ya?"

Ta-MAY-toes, Ta-MA-toes . . . that's all I have to say about that!

Post Script: And while I'm complaining, can I just say how much Disney Channel and Nickelodeon annoy me. I can hear it in the background as I'm typing this. Everyone speaks in a yelling voice. Everyone. Don't believe me? Just listen to an episode of I-Carly.

P.S.S. If you are curious about the proper use of Young Women, scroll down and look at the Young Women article in the middle of this page . Or, visit and look at term under the button "serving in the church." It's Young Women people. Young. Women.


Lyndsay said...

So I JUST got called to Young Women...s. And I admit I can't find anyone to give me a straight answer. The bishop certainly says Young Women's. And the YM president. So I THINK maybe they are saying "Young Women's" like it's possessive. As in the Young Women's Program (and they are leaving off "program"). I think saw that on one time. Of course I can't find it now. But I really would like to definitively know. Really. You know?

Lyndsay said...

And As-par-ta-me sounds like a Greek god. Ha!

Eunice said...

Tell Eden to never go to Boston!

Kristi said...

love it! depends on where and how you were raised, i think. apparently we Canadians talk a bit weird.
i-Carly- yes, tons of yelling, but I think it started back with Dora. oh my, that girl can yell! and you have to keep yelling louder, and louder. yikes.

Jenni said...

hahahahah! your little eden is such a character and seems so passionate! i love his quarkiness (is that even a word? now i am paranoid)!

crystal b. said...

It's Young Women .... definitely Young Women. Check out under serving in the church

tomiannie said...

I'm with Lyndsay -- I think they're using it like a possessive rather than a plural. And I used to say As-par-ta-me, too. Also, it took until I was an adult to realize that facetious (the word I had read as fa-setty-us) and fuh-see-shus were the same word, not just two words that meant pretty much the same thing. Der.

dandee said...

ummm...i totally thought it was as-par-ta-me. and I had no idea fanta was pronounced fawnta. i've learned a few things today miss crystal b.

Chessa said...

Oh, Crystal! I am right there with biggest one is "Zions" as in Zions National is ZION...singular...enough said!