Friday, August 6, 2010

We Owe It All to Him.

Meet the Nicest Guy in the World.

Not, Matt ... the guy next to him. (Sorry Matt, but you know what I mean, don't you?)

This is Clarence. Matt loves him like a brother mainly because Clarence can kick his butt on the ski slopes which balances out the fact that Matt can kick Clarence's butt on a bicycle. But it also has something to do with Clarence being really funny, smart, and kind. He would give you the shirt off his back -- if you needed it. He really would.

These two Ying and Yang friends met in college when they worked as bus boys at Sundance. Oh the stories they tell -- most of them involve ski injuries, blood, and Clarence's dad stitching them up.

I didn't meet Clarence until about 10 years later, when we went rock climbing at a gym in Provo. And I knew right then why Matt thought so much of him. He made me laugh my head off and gave Matt a thumbs up when I wasn't looking which I interpreted as "She's cool."

We never would have made it to Bermuda if it weren't for Clarence. We owe it all to him. He lives there you know -- with his ultra cool wife Kris, and their adorable daughter Tabby. That was my favorite part of Bermuda -- hanging out with the Hofheins.

Thank you Clare for the best trip ever. We had so much fun with you guys
and Gwen and George too. You were all so, so good to us. More than we deserved.

We will never forget our week with you, especially when Matt gave his talk in church and mistakenly said "I love to ride in the Tour de France" instead of "I love to watch the Tour de France." (He does that a lot you know -- messes up words.) It's up to you whether or not you want to burst the bubble and tell your church members that Matt is not famous.

I hope we see you in February so we can ogle over your new house, and romp in the snow, and play games that make us pee our pants laughing.

Just one caveat -- we have to eat dinner at the Tree Room for old time's sake, O.K.? I'm just dying for Pepper Steak, aren't you?

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kristyn said...

Hey Crystal, I'm still a little sore from those bike rides. Clarence. You guys are always welcome to the "Big Mo" house! We hope to see you in February.