Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Conversations in the Carpool

Anna: I hate my bangs today. They are all separated and weird.

Me: Anna! Are you having a bad hair day????? Me too!

Anna: Yeah, it's a bad hair day for sure.

Eden: Now that you mention it mom, your hair is molded to the back of your seat. Did you just decide not to style it today?? Was it one of those "I just give up days," like in Bermuda?

Me: No Eden, I actually tried to have good hair today.

Eden: Anna, you should have seen my mom in Bermuda. When we first got there, she spent all this time trying to do her hair, and then, she just gave up. You probably liked that huh Mom, not even having to try, cuz in Bermuda, nobody even cared.

Me: I gave up because it was so humid! But yeah, I admit, it was kind of nice having a hair vacation.

Anna: My hair stays the same when it's humid.

Me: You are lucky Anna, because my hair does not. Mine looks like Einstein having a bad hair day.

Eden: Good thing it's not humid today, because your hair would be even worse. Huh mom. I'm going to take a picture of the back of your head when we get home so you can see how bad it really is.


Jenni said...

kids, gotta love 'em!

Eunice said...

That Eden. He's such a character!

Kristi said...

haha. so funny. I always try with my hair, but hardly ever does it work. I would love to go to bermuda- if it doesn't matter there! and to see the sun again. it has been far too long.

Rosie said...

Kids do wonders for our self-esteem! Good thing for them that we have learned to NOT say everything that we think. Examples-Wow-that is a big zit! Are you really going to wear that? That is not a good color on you? Do you think that maybe you should bathe?

Lyndsay said...

Oh that is hysterical. Eden is a CRACK UP. Try the Ouidad hair products!