Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Drug of Choice

I have an addiction that I'm not proud of: Carmex. You read that right -- Carmex.

I have to have Carmex on my mouth at all times. I do. And it has to be Carmex. Nothing else will suffice. I've become dependent. I need a fix every hour. There must be some secret chemical added to this Yellow Tube of Goodness, because I've had this addiction for years and years. I got hooked in high school.

I buy tubes of the stuff. There is one in every room of my house, not to mention the car, my purse, my pocket, and Matt's car.

Sad. I know.

Now you would think with all this Carmex in the house I would be able to avert any chapped lip crisis that comes my way. Wrong!

Last night while my family was fast asleep, I was getting ready for bed. I reached for some Carmex -- it was gone! I went to my secret emergency stash for a new tube . . . all of it was missing!

I started to get a little frantic so I crept downstairs and fished through my purse. Nothing!!!!

Who is this Carmex thief??????? How do they know about the secret stash!!

I'm pretty certain if I could have made my way through the maze of shoes and cloths in the Black Hole I would have found it all in Claire's purse. But it's just too risky in the dark. Then again, Eden has been known to steal a tube or two. I've discovered it on occasion in his pockets.

I'm sort of bugged. My kids know I have Carmex issues and still they plunder. They don't even like Carmex. The prefer Blistex, which is a good thing because it probably doesn't have addictive properties.

I couldn't sleep last night! I lay there and felt my lips getting chappier as the night wore on. It was torture.

You better believe the first thing I did this morning was drive to Walmart and purchase about 20 tubes.

Eden and Claire, read these freshly Carmexed lips:

Keep Out! :)


Bec said...

I'm addicted to Avon's chapstick. My husband will even use it!


crystal b. said...

Whew, that makes me feel so much better!

Brandon + Chelsea + Ella said...

I am a total chapstick and lotion addict! If I so much as lick my lips get my finger wet, I have to reapply chapstick or lotion to it immediately because I can feel my skin start cracking haha My husband thinks I am crazy, but of course his skin is so much softer than mine and he doesn't use any lotion!

Jordi said...

...thanks now I had to put on chapstick.... Hadnt thought about it until now!

Sandy said...

I used to have a Carmex addiction until the day my hubby and I went out ocean fishing in San Francisco on a VERY clear day.I got sunburned and my lips swelled up so badly that I felt like they were going to explode.So painful! My husband, the stinker, says he wishes he had taken a picture because I looked like a cartoon character.I still feel like I need something on my lips at all times, but now it is Burts Bees and I am very careful out in the sun!=)